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Happy Wheels Cartoon
By Jim on May 05, 2015

If you hadn't guessed by the title of this post, there's going to be a Happy Wheels cartoon! I'm actually pretty excited about it now that it appears to be happening. Bunim-Murray, creators of the educational Kardashian series and the Real World, contacted me with interest in creating a digital series, and we eventually worked something out. The series will be part of Machinima's new programming slate.

Yesterday I attended Machinima's newfronts event where they announced Happy Wheels along with several other new series. There was free pizza. I met RoboCop, and I discovered we had a lot in common. As far as work is concerned, it's very rare for me to be involved in anything with other people, so it was a nice change to be networking with other living individuals in my field.

In case you were worried, the vast majority of my time will still be spent on video game development as that is still what I enjoy most. I will only be participating in this series in an advisory, creative role. However, based on early discussions, it seems like they are very much on board with creating something true to the game and have already shown me they are very capable. I've already had to come up with a lot of character information Happy Wheels history that I had never even thought of before. I'll keep everyone updated on how things progress.

** Update 5/7/15 **

I added in a collision value 7 for shapes, which will only collide with characters. I also fixed collision values 5 and 6 to work how they were originally intended. Old published levels will be unaffected, but may perform differently for you if loaded in the level editor.
fixes and stuff
By Jim on April 30, 2015

Oh god....just looked at my last news post date, and I can't believe I've been fixing my last broken update for multiple weeks now. It involved so much reworking of old code, and is all the more evidence that starting from scratch is a much more effective process. I think it's finally stable though, and I added in a few additional things...
  1. polygon shapes can now scale
  2. you can easily revert art and polygon shapes back to their original scale
  3. you can flip art and polygon shapes on their horizontal axis
  4. art and shape counts have been greatly increased. If it runs terribly, it's your fault, JERK!
Most likely I will be updating this post again after discovering my failings, or with a few new minor feature updates.

Besides that, it seems official that I'm going to be working with some people on some non-game related Happy Wheels stuff. I'll be less vague when stuff starts happening.

And with a random plug... a friend of mine recently released a music video and needs some views... please check it out here.

** OK... I just uploaded a video of me drawing something with the new stuff RIGHT HERE.

new art tool
By Jim on April 10, 2015

In an update that took a lot longer than expected, I've just now added in a new art tool which should be very helpful for drawing complicated shapes. Originally polygon shapes could be interactive or non-interactive. Instead, all polygons must now be interactive, and previous art polygons are now art shapes. Art shapes are superior as they will allow you to draw using bezier curves, and are completely scalable. Each vertex of each shape will have its own handles which control the curve of the line. When placing vertices and creating your shape, click, hold and drag your mouse to adjust the handles.

I've also put the whole drawing of shapes process into the undo chain, so you can undo and redo the drawing of your shape like everything else in the editor. Once created, you can now double click on polygon or art shapes (using the arrow tool) to manually edit their vertices. You can delete vertices with delete, and create new vertices by selecting a vertex and hitting enter. Double click on vertices in art shapes to show their bezier handles if they are hidden. Drag them back into the vertex to remove them and use straight lines.

Artshapes, unlike polygon shapes, are scaleable with a,s,d,w.

I think that's it. I originally put a version of this into a developmental version of the game to assist in building levels for the iphone game. It then seemed like a waste not to reuse the code in the full game, so here it is. I will now go back to my work on the sequel. uhhhh... SEEYA!