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Happy Wheels is not dying
By Jim on January 09, 2020

Hello friends. I probably should have made a news post about this a while ago, but surprises are nice I guess. There has been a javascript version of Happy Wheels in the works since early 2019. It will be out before Flash is murdered by Chrome. Was scheduled for this month actually, but I don't see that happening so immediately. I probably didn't want to tell anyone so nobody would ask me when it will be released.

A nice upgrade is that it will run at 60 fps (interpolated, physics will still be 30 fps). Unfortunately all older replays will be inaccurate though as Box2d will have been updated slightly. They'll still be there for the sake of top records. If you somehow play the Flash version, they'll function fine.

I'm not developing the port, but I hired a company who I thought was most capable. I'll give more details once it's up. I'm still solely working on the sequel (and it is going well).
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By Manghost123 on January 26, 2020

When is the next update
By abcdef102938 on January 26, 2020

thanks you father JIM
By WweKickassFan_2015 on January 26, 2020

By czarexo0890 on January 26, 2020

idc you fucking ****
By Numb_ Ness on January 26, 2020

I'm glad you're making a new one
By potatotomato7 on January 26, 2020

can you make a downloadable version of happy wheels on pc?
By Nikko123456123 on January 26, 2020

thanks dad
By Minegun96 on January 26, 2020

By Poop_Poop_Cheese on January 26, 2020

thank you father jim
By pacco009 on January 26, 2020

Im glad youre not scrapping this game :)
By Yumikooo on January 26, 2020

i will play it for sure!
By awesomedude98 on January 25, 2020

thank you so much for keeping this game alive.
By Justandidiot_11 on January 25, 2020

i cant ******* wait
By youngpro gaming on January 25, 2020

Nice to hear. But definitely should have made a post sooner ;-;
By happy_Weels32 on January 25, 2020

im excited for happy wheels 2.0
By Lil_Myke6953 on January 24, 2020

happy wheels 2.0
By gothbunny97 on January 23, 2020

Good, came here to play and about **** my pants when I remembered Flash is not long for this world. Glad to hear it!
By sweatyegg on January 23, 2020

By KaoshtheClawMan8 on January 23, 2020

I'm afraid that javascript version won't save the progress of the authors. Their creations will be deleted :(
By Maxi_Face2 on January 23, 2020

I didn't even know that people thought Happy Wheels was dying.
By aMemeAddict on January 23, 2020

^ I pronounce you husband and wife v
By The_War_Turtle on January 23, 2020

By Lomannnn on January 23, 2020

By RigelTheBlue on January 22, 2020

By legacyxsubzero on January 22, 2020

Whoever is looking at my comment is like me, has no life.
By supremeboi123 on January 22, 2020

By magicalman8808 on January 22, 2020

By KPacIsEpic on January 22, 2020

idk if they will make happy wheels 2
By Inskuliini on January 22, 2020

I am so HAPPY that, my WHEELS are running away from me.?????
By epic yeeter on January 22, 2020

By thetruecurrymuncher on January 22, 2020

thank god
By Midnightgalaxygirl12 on January 22, 2020

Why is happy wheels so fun? Because you get a ton of laughs!

By foxyteam1 on January 22, 2020

Happy wheels make the best game ever
By walsand987 on January 22, 2020

you are still able to unblock flash in site settings, so until the java version is out ya'll can still play happy wheels, just click the "not secure" on the left part of the search bar (on chrome atleast) and click "site setting" and set flash to "allow" game on!
By XenSlayer on January 21, 2020

By RIPbruhlikeDA on January 21, 2020

when is the javascript versio coming out?
By 6ix9ine 420 on January 21, 2020

boner in my booty
By EnderEyeMaster on January 20, 2020

when is the javascript version of happy wheels coming out
By spankies on January 20, 2020

Jim, you are a miracle worker. You don't realize how much I appreciate you
By DoJo4HisMoJo on January 20, 2020

aye, i can still play my childhood game, thank you for a happy decade.
By httersTY on January 20, 2020

there any details about happy wheels?
By mortythebeast on January 20, 2020

is there any details about no.2 you can say?
By baddoggo on January 20, 2020

By ljasmksd on January 20, 2020

google try block flash player right now
By AJBSanta on January 20, 2020

I cant use flash rn idk what happened
By Dyr Cat on Youtube on January 20, 2020

Isn't Flash Shutting down????
By TheHolyMeeps on January 20, 2020

That's EPIC!
By Totally_Real_Person on January 20, 2020

Are world carryied over?
By matthijs718266323 on January 20, 2020

By Crusty_Bill on January 20, 2020

Thats great! Flash support for chrome is supposed to end on december 31, 2020. im also really excited about happy wheels 2.
By Isuckatmakinggames on January 19, 2020

Thanks, Dad.
By jollypop on January 19, 2020

thank you and good job, Jim!
By 123_screeee on January 19, 2020

I'm so glad its being revived again!
By bugmanblue on January 19, 2020

what about the drawing tool
By LWPeterson on January 19, 2020

Wish we could get a new poll lol
By Bubs_Elijah on January 19, 2020

sure thing and good news i might not want happy wheels dying!
By Average_84th_Man on January 19, 2020

Well.Good news.So What Felix said was just bullcrap? wow.Hope the sequel is 2D and 60 FPS.
By ljasmksd on January 19, 2020

good news
By Filia2015 on January 19, 2020

So basically, Pewdiepie saying that Happy Wheels is shutting down is full of baloney. Flash Player's shutting down, not Happy Wheels or If you believed in what Felix said, well, look at this post by Jim, he will make you think otherwise.
By LWPeterson on January 18, 2020

same here gasyno
By gasyno on January 18, 2020

That's the best news i heard in a looong time :D I am glad that happy wheels is not dying - i still have a lot of childhood memories and good laughts at glitches and some replays of great levels!
By LWPeterson on January 18, 2020

guess I should say 'cool lol'
By Le fishy bupkins on January 18, 2020

Oh this is mostly the best notice for us Thanks Jim!
By nikolaman on January 18, 2020

Glory to VP!