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Happy Wheels is not dying
By Jim on January 09, 2020

Hello friends. I probably should have made a news post about this a while ago, but surprises are nice I guess. There has been a javascript version of Happy Wheels in the works since early 2019. It will be out before Flash is murdered by Chrome. Was scheduled for this month actually, but I don't see that happening so immediately. I probably didn't want to tell anyone so nobody would ask me when it will be released.

A nice upgrade is that it will run at 60 fps (interpolated, physics will still be 30 fps). Unfortunately all older replays will be inaccurate though as Box2d will have been updated slightly. They'll still be there for the sake of top records. If you somehow play the Flash version, they'll function fine.

I'm not developing the port, but I hired a company who I thought was most capable. I'll give more details once it's up. I'm still solely working on the sequel (and it is going well).
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By lucaselcrak2 on March 29, 2020

will happy wheels 2 be released in 2020?
By thebrianmaps6661 on March 29, 2020

?? ?????? ??????,???????????? html5 ??? WebGL ??? unity3d?
By PorkThePig on March 29, 2020

My level editor wants to die
By DIMONICOR on March 29, 2020

By dixohe12 on March 29, 2020

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By braddoxx on March 28, 2020

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By andrewpaw228 on March 28, 2020

By PorkThePig on March 28, 2020

There is a bug where if you are logged in it just logs you out when you are using the level editor which makes you lose all your progress that you've created.
By kenstonjoryel on March 28, 2020

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By TheDmitrievCraft on March 28, 2020

By LemonLee on March 28, 2020

New update please :))
By awesomlycool4523 on March 27, 2020

By Bossman2967 on March 27, 2020

is it gonna be free
By BumpyMartin98 on March 27, 2020

make new characters u.u love ur game
By Danrox1234 on March 27, 2020

ahhhh sounds good
By Ccreech2009 on March 27, 2020

By ZhekaZavin on March 27, 2020

By linof37217 on March 27, 2020

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By linof37217 on March 27, 2020

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By Cornelek on March 27, 2020

By Ben_TheProfessor on March 27, 2020

how do i play
By Scrappycoco on March 27, 2020

how do i play?
By FittedSeven on March 27, 2020

Cool! I'm excited to see the new Happy Wheels. I know it will be really good, don't stress! Can't wait to see it!
By trogoldi on March 26, 2020

quiero jugar happy wheels
By Fordprision1546 on March 26, 2020

By liningbow on March 26, 2020

By kingofduckys on March 26, 2020

By aryashse on March 26, 2020

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By XxZozqxX on March 26, 2020

I want to play :C
By MasterMauro on March 25, 2020

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By LeitoRobot on March 25, 2020

By LILGHOS7 on March 25, 2020

no puedo jugar :(
By hellersessel on March 25, 2020

i want to play
By yuyuyuyuyuyuyoi on March 25, 2020

Lets go! 60fps
By danTDM12345678990 on March 25, 2020

i want to play this
By klaytens on March 25, 2020

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By XxSproutxX on March 25, 2020

By SuperMonoMC on March 24, 2020

happy wheels is a very good game, thank you it's coming back, but what makes me sick is that I don't have a computer, and I have to play happy wheels on android, there are only a few levels I know that It is very difficult, but they can make an option to create maps in the android one so there are levels of PC and others of iOS and android.
By TreyKing12 on March 24, 2020

By shadowsbored on March 24, 2020

By Markeliendje on March 24, 2020

By DrEquinox on March 23, 2020

Happy Wheel's 2 was showcased back in 2015. Were going off the rail's on a crazy train.
By AgoodName12345 on March 23, 2020

fucking thank you for telling me that i was so scared of losing this game!!!!!
By thebrianmaps6661 on March 23, 2020

??? ? ????? ????? ??????? ?? ??????????
By SHTURMEX on March 23, 2020

Very happy game)
By 3dhappywheels on March 23, 2020

i have a question what whith 3d version?
By AlphaWalker01 on March 22, 2020

Nice Happy to hear
By evanultra01wastaken on March 22, 2020

@LIGHTNING3523 here you go only wheelchair guy, segway guy, and irresponsible dad, and only a few featured levels.
By terry hovi on March 22, 2020

yay keap it up man
By mustafe2 on March 22, 2020

By FLYNN IS THE BEST on March 22, 2020

By drewbobski93 on March 21, 2020

HELL YEA i love this game. hope it never dies i still play this game and have for years now. i was so crushed when i found out that they are gonna get rid of flash. im thrilled this game will still be around.
By 0 __ 0 on March 21, 2020

By roasted_pikachu on March 21, 2020

make the characters slightly older (e.g the grandpa is a skeleton and Timmy is a teenager)
By hyperkubo on March 21, 2020

werd nice
By miniingineru6 on March 21, 2020

* happy pp music intensifies *
By PTOBATIN on March 21, 2020

By Alber Garcara on March 21, 2020

By nekowitdadraco3 on March 20, 2020

this is so sad
By TheBrighterSkies on March 20, 2020

Damn, I almost gave up on this. I was pleasantly surprised to see this, though it took two years. Yikes. Glad to hear the sequel is actually still in the works, hope it doesn't take two more years for you to post again.
By CerealDude on March 20, 2020

why is flash player thing not working even tho i downloaded it many times
By fat _cat99 on March 19, 2020

fix the level editor and let us make are own items
By Ultravigo on March 19, 2020

Happy Wheels level creating sucks. You have type in all the bloody coordinates instead of dragging points to increase the shape. Vehicle creating is a pain in the **** and needs to be streamlined. Easily by far, the worst level creating known to man. Fix this in the sequel.
By Sou Good on March 19, 2020