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By Jim on March 22, 2018

Hello pals. I'd like to continue hosting the flash version of Happy Wheels as long as possible. With the loss of certain ad networks, I'm going to try out a few different ad formats on this site as I continue to attempt to regain some of the revenue that went missing. I'll be making a few minor changes here and there to see whatever works best. Nothing should be annoying. This heads up was the main reason for this news post.

The discord server, which is now official at, has been very helpful to me and the game. Through it I was introduced to some cool users, several of which have become much needed moderators who have greatly improved the quality of the general level submissions. There are also some really great tools that server admin Kittenswolf has made that have automated sharing and reporting of levels. I've not seen a naked watermelon level in months. I also managed to speak with a lot of featured level authors... some that I had never even communicated with, despite their massive contributions to the game (IAMURHUSBAND, bobisdacool1, Iamverybored, Farlaineloco... there are others, those were most recent). Anyways, if you're reading this, you'd probably like to visit that place. There's also a chance I may be on as I've been using discord to speak to my brother as we murder rats in Vermintide 2.

Though I would prefer to be silent, I feel obligated to say that I am still working full time on the sequel, and it's still reeeeeaally time consuming. Thankfully, much of the basic graphics engine is complete, and I've been building out the new editor with it over the past year. There are so many complexities to building out all of the vector drawing tools that function similarly to Flash, that I have developed a much greater level of an appreciation for that program. I'm actually going to have to build in pen support as that would totally be possible given the way the brush tool works. That would allow me to actually make much of my own artwork for the game in the editor itself. I don't like sharing media of what I'm working on as I would just prefer the final product to speak for itself. That's all I've got for now.
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By pixelcraft 130 on November 16, 2019

bruh flash is going to be discontinued you might wanna check that out
By ZiyphGames on November 16, 2019

This game lasted very long, I love it! Brings back lots of memories.
By stoqn321 on November 16, 2019

By kolya5544 on November 16, 2019

Hi!!! GUYS!!!!!"><
By Dragon6669 on November 15, 2019

more vehicle
By garymullett on November 15, 2019

By yall FAT on November 14, 2019

By sadouni yanni on November 14, 2019

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By bluewolfccollar on November 14, 2019

i have a suggestion add controller support
By Goat__Man on November 13, 2019

For everyone asking how to unlock all the characters: I think there are only 13 of them. Sorry!
By Bert on November 11, 2019

To everyone concerned about the game shutting down, a JavaScript/HTML5 remake of the game is in development to replace the Flash-based one. So no need to act like your life is over because you can't play a game anymore.
By TheBrighterSkies on November 11, 2019

It's unfortunate how many kids (i.e. 9-10) it seems play the game. The comments are a mess. I'm sure it wasn't Jim's target demographic.
By GamingLerd54 on November 11, 2019

donĀ“t forget Guy incognito, he is a really great level maker
By BaconBackUp on November 10, 2019

Hello, there has been 3rd party flash players that have been created to replace adobe flash and your game seems to not allow it to work. I've used this new flash player on multiple other flash games with no problems, but for some reason this isn't working. Is it possible that you look into this?
By ljasmksd on November 10, 2019

By lilboi99 on November 09, 2019

By Vianney5433 on November 08, 2019

By Davx4_LOL on November 08, 2019

By MarkusMMA on November 07, 2019

how unlock all 25 characters ?
By Justajoke886 on November 07, 2019

By AJMDOG666 on November 07, 2019

flash wont work in 2020 can you try to do something?
By MarkusMMA on November 07, 2019

hi . how I get all caracters ?pls help me for my son .thx
By mr_guestboySCHOOL on November 07, 2019

Avengers Endgame ?? [lTAx] 2019 Bluray 1080p x264
By mr_guestboySCHOOL on November 07, 2019

By mr_guestboySCHOOL on November 07, 2019

Windows 10 Pro [w4HJ] x64 Lite ?? Office 2019 Iso
By NoobAtCreatingGames on November 07, 2019

I think Happy wheels 2 will come out once happy wheels dies in 2020...
By MrMcFart on November 04, 2019

i is a fish
By wrestlingfanGAMING on November 04, 2019

Jim there is someone who just made a racist level called n word getting hung (actually saying the n word in the title but im not saying it because im not racist) the person's username was qwertyuiop123123 please do something about this I don't tolerate racism and neither should anyone else
By argtoms10 on November 04, 2019

I can't play because I don't know how download apk file
By DragonFriesHD on November 03, 2019

u saying i cant play happy wheels??
By julhaogamer5 on November 03, 2019

By snooccark9 on November 03, 2019

By Levi_Hiechou on November 02, 2019

bruh when's happy wheels 2 being released
By ljasmksd on November 02, 2019

why there bots on coments
By sergestus on November 02, 2019

???????? ???? !!! (??? ????????? ??? ????? ? happy whells ????? flash player ?? ????? ???????? ? 2020 ????)
By KennyDaKoala407 on November 01, 2019

By ljasmksd on November 01, 2019

bots dont open website this is a virus
By Timestop Dio on October 31, 2019

1 year later
By buddy ratko on October 30, 2019

y cant i play ?:(
By JayDDaniel12 on October 30, 2019

So click to play isnt a thing? because creating an account isnt a thing to play either.
By slischak on October 30, 2019

how to play
By Breet12345 on October 29, 2019

yee it won't let me play and buffers every time I try to enable flash. Is this because of flash closing?
By Andreiciucas2012 on October 29, 2019

By AceWhisper on October 28, 2019

how to play
By isaacb231106 on October 27, 2019

it wont let me play can someone tell me why?
By zVeXus13 on October 26, 2019

By BringlezApple on October 26, 2019

Pls can u add multiplayer?
By grandma66 on October 25, 2019

how do you get in the game
By deadlit1 on October 25, 2019

By JwayJ008 on October 24, 2019

Make new people in the game please.
By choirboy butters on October 24, 2019

Addicting Game!!! WOO!
By Batataa_013 on October 24, 2019

very funny gamje it is the best gaaaaaaaayme eveaaaaaar
By TheYeet_Monster21 on October 22, 2019

For Cupnoodles09... Bro, you are such a... no, actually I will not say that word. But seriously, you are soooooo bad at happy wheels! And you are so mean!
By cristianart on October 19, 2019

i only want to play happy wheelssssss
By thanasis1244 on October 19, 2019

By the_epic_guy on October 16, 2019

So this game is my favorite online flash game and the fact that browsers like firefox and chrome will soon stop supporting flash REALLY scares me, just the thought that of opening up terrible browsers like opera or maybe even download malware or a virus just to play happy wheels(yes,i would do that,even if i only got to play it once and then never again) scares me and probably the entire community, like, i'm really scared, i found out that flash is dying JUST TODAY and i'm, again, super scared ,as i've been playing this game since like 2012 and i remember watching a spanish guy's happy wheels series for several hours, and i even watched the entire series(93 episodes,most of which were like 12 minutes long)in one day when i was sick. So now,knowing that flash is going to die next year, i'm, AGAIN, scared. But maybe that's just me being me, and at the same time, me being weird. Idk i'm pretty weird and i talk too much anyways :/
By WarzeEgg on October 15, 2019

Cupnoodles09 can you stop spamming the news post? If not, your account will be suspended. This applies to anyone here
By Cupnoodles09 on October 15, 2019

By Cupnoodles09 on October 15, 2019

By kalebnielsen990 on October 15, 2019

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By Cupnoodles09 on October 14, 2019

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By Vasyapoopkin228 on October 14, 2019

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By Cupnoodles09 on October 14, 2019

hi jim i keep on seeing levels says r@te 5 i wish this noob levels stop! and theres popuping very rare levels are really bad!
By Cupnoodles09 on October 14, 2019

By Cupnoodles09 on October 14, 2019