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Happy Wheels Javascript is UP
By Jim on December 28, 2020

Moments before the horrific, blasphemous death of flash, the java script version of Happy Wheels has arrived. That was close. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully the fear of losing Happy Wheels did not prevent your restful sleep. If you didn't even know it was in development, then here is your exciting news.

This is the first public version of the game, so please allow some time for the remaining bugs to be ironed out. Though I still love flash, what's great about this version is that it performs very well on mobile devices. However, this release does not yet include on screen mobile controls. That will be added in the next update. If you're desperate to try it out on your phone, a bluetooth keyboard works very well. Though I mentioned previously that the game would now run at 60 fps, some of the heavier levels definitely bog down at that framerate. It is already possible through a setting though, so perhaps I could host a 60 Hz version on another page for those with super beefy processors. Aside from that, Happy Wheels JS should be pretty close in every way to the original. The database of users, levels, and replays remains the same. The only thing lost is the impending doom of the end of existence.

Goodboy Digital are my friends in London responsible for the port of the game, and they have my eternal thanks. This took far more effort than expected, and they even managed to make a custom port of box2d just to maintain all the quirks of the original game. I'd also like to thank site and discord admin Kittenswolf for his help, and everyone else beta testing on discord for the past few months. Thanks to everyone else for still playing Happy Wheels 10 years after its launch, even without updates. I don't know why this is still happening, but I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing without your help. Special no thanks to the few international randoms who have inspired a resurgence in DDOS'ing the site over the past couple months.

The original flash version of Happy Wheels will, for as long as possible, be located here.

Yes, my full time job is still developing the sequel. No, I am a slow recluse and will not share anything. Ok, that's it seeya.
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By Hrafnkell123 on June 15, 2024

thanks man
By LWPeterson on June 11, 2024

I'm still here.
By hfnhvbuevbyevb on June 06, 2024

I hope they make some new game or a new update to happy weels :/
By talkalot125 on June 04, 2024

I'm 22 now I think I started when I was like 8!
By auehlolol on June 03, 2024

legends say the new game is still in development
By danya5682 on May 31, 2024

yeah, this flash player is gone on December 31st, 2020! rest in peace.!
By Mark Rush on May 29, 2024

can we revive Old School Stuff? BTW when will u finish the rest of the Player Characters it's been a decade
By GokakuChunky on May 24, 2024

manz i needaz thats happy weels 2 pllaees
By HeavixdFullHD on May 22, 2024

the sequel was the friends we made along the way
By Zemrekir on May 18, 2024

2d is better
By Shh_GUTZ on May 15, 2024

Ngl i really hope that the Sequel Is 3D rendered, it would be so damn awesome to see the G0re 3D and the characters, Anyways Jim Take your time if these Bozos are not patient for the Sequel it's their Fault, You Keep working hard Byee byee
By FacelessMc on May 09, 2024

GTA 7 will be out by the time happy wheels 2 comes out.
By DarioDaftrioHW on May 08, 2024

jim why is t2x2 all over my browse levels page in my happy wheels
By sanchez015 on May 07, 2024

I can't run this on windows 7
By KebabAirlines on May 04, 2024

may the 4th be with you
By idkwhattotypehere on May 01, 2024

if yall keep saying "hApPy wHeElS 2 wHiLl nEvEr rElEaSe????" it means that yall dont know what patience means
By fishtimegamer on April 24, 2024

By imperfectcub on April 19, 2024

I can see you, Jim. Hmm... what's that? You're still working on Happy Wheels 2? Lies.
By DivotDigital_ on April 17, 2024

there will be no sequel. face it.
By Ultimatekevin on April 17, 2024

While y'all are crying about Happy Wheels 2, I just found out Happy Wheels 1 still exists and can finally play it after 12 years! Wooohooo!!!
By EpicFace_Studios on April 16, 2024

i think the sequel will come out by 2050.
By the_epic_guy on April 07, 2024

It's such a shame that the game was straight up abandoned after the port, making levels without being able to use the scroll wheel is absolute hell on earth
By datafox24 on April 07, 2024

the sequel is vaporware
By Trevor2003 on April 05, 2024

Somehow a 2019 gaming laptop that runs BeamNG on ultra graphics at 40-50 FPS with 2 cars spawned on a high detail map can't run this at 30 FPS... I forgot how spaghetti code this game was that my old Dell Windows XP computer ran this like a modern day 2024 20k Gaming Desktop
By bob coolness on April 01, 2024

HAPPY WHEELS 2!!!! Check out my ancient levels!!
By Cmedia Canada on April 01, 2024

Red rectangley: I WANT MY HAPPY WHEELS 2!!! HEY YOU JIM, GIMME HAPPY WHEELS 2!!! Jim: Oh okay, you want your Happy Wheels 2? Red rectangley: YES I STILL WANT HAPPY WHEELS 2 FOR US Jim: Alr, in few years... (few years later...) Red rectangley: (dead)
By Albertodanger64 on April 01, 2024

oh no, happy wheels doesnt work ??????
By banana359 on March 30, 2024

Why can't I play Hot Wheels? Every time I try to play this game it says "Aw, Snap! Error code: Out of memory", this never happened before but now it always happens.
By doritoenhancer on March 22, 2024

14 years for the sequel? GTA 6 might beat you to it.
By dinyTheDino on March 22, 2024

its been 14 years, GIVE US THE DAMN SEQUEL??
By ice cube studios on March 22, 2024

you promised me that you will give happy wheels 2 where is it
By Ramazan0520122007 on March 18, 2024

wow very cool
By eri_elle_2013 on March 18, 2024

Are you dead?
By Aspargussy on March 11, 2024

Things that might happen in the next 20 years: GTA 6, Happy Wheels 2, the new My Bloody Valentine album
By gublegable on March 06, 2024

My levels aren't appearing in the level browser and this has been happening with most of my levels. Can we get a fix for this?
By qwertyuiop117 on March 05, 2024

exactly the paluten levels are so bad
By idkwhattotypehere on March 04, 2024

happy wheels is flooded with these crappy paluten levels (and i hope happy wheels 2 will be cartoony just like happy wheels 1)
By youveeveeeque on March 04, 2024

By Kristi15 on March 03, 2024

By OrlandoBrake on March 03, 2024

Plz Happy Wheels on Playstation <3 !
By YaseenLeader on February 29, 2024

still waiting btw its leap year
By ChooChooVr on February 27, 2024

By justmakechaos on February 26, 2024

RIP Happy Wheels
By Ramazan0520122007 on February 26, 2024

By bygcjkgyrgb on February 23, 2024

I wish all [PEOPLE WAITING FOR HAPPY WHEELS TWO] a very pleasant evening.
By theshywillraindeath on February 22, 2024

v LOL v
By BlazeNeetros on February 20, 2024

It's been 4 years Jim. Gta 6 is going to come out before Happy Wheels 2 comes out.
By Daniel738 on February 19, 2024

update the game and make it better ****
By MrPogger on February 18, 2024

@digbargamer Fullscreen is already in the editor. Wdym?
By digbargamer on February 17, 2024

yo jim if your 2 busy making happy wheels 2 at least add full screen to to the editor. :1
By baguette120 on February 16, 2024

it has beeen 3 years
By somebodyortheother on February 10, 2024

hey jim testing your levels sends you to a white screen
By classic_man on February 08, 2024

By TheCarrotGod on February 05, 2024

happy wheels sucks
By vickymouse on January 31, 2024

happy wheels 2 is prob a lie :,)
By sweatybray on January 30, 2024

nahh gta6 is coming before happy wheels 2
By prim0rd1al on January 27, 2024

happy wheels 3 when
By Ramazan0520122007 on January 21, 2024

i love this game (:
By toothpastemcnuggets on January 19, 2024

add cheese pls i need it
By UltimateBeetle on January 14, 2024

Everytime i lose hope in my life, i look at this article. Mans a legend, probably gonna make the best sequel in gaming history. Might delay the GTA6 release if i was rockstar cause Happy Wheels 2 will take the whole internet over.
By Gopnik_love_dvor on January 14, 2024

How about updating the triggers. For example, by pressing a trigger, an object could change in size, move without jerks, turn without depending on gravity. Or, for example, to give the opportunity to insert pictures (although this may be for the worse).Or give the opportunity to scale objects such as a chair, a table, spikes, a boombox, weapons.
By What_a_NiceDick on January 11, 2024

nah happy wheels 2 coming before gta 6 ??
By SuchAnIdiotAccount on January 09, 2024

By Kakav4209 on January 09, 2024

By Smashile on January 06, 2024

Cool game! I like it