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Happy Wheels iOS Now Available!
By Jason on August 19, 2015

You can now download Happy Wheels for iOS. The approval came sooner than we expected. If you search for "happy wheels", we're currently the 22nd result, so you'll have to do some scrolling. It's exhausting, but possibly worth it.
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By Tails the king 69420 on February 13, 2021

Why can't I play online levels on Android version while on iOS version you can?
By RigelTheBlue on November 15, 2019

By Tgamer2009 on July 23, 2019

I Have an android tablet and I really want HAPPY WHEELS ON IT PLZ MAKE IT!
By alexcena on April 29, 2019

By DeepIce147 on January 13, 2019

Jason, PLease make it in android! i don't like playing the game in the computer too much! Please do it!
By Pokemongo391 on July 06, 2018

put it on android plox
By emo_human on August 16, 2017

you should make it available on a chrome book. or if it is help me find it somehow
By PkMnTrainerIbz on May 30, 2017

Hey Psst, have you heard everyone raging? I think ITS BECAUSE HAPPY WHEELS AINT ON ANDROID! PUT IT ON THERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By GamingWithBroYT on April 11, 2017

good im serious =3
By Maciek1788 on February 17, 2017

Please Jim, add new character, a martian, vehicle - UFO, space - magnet beam, can fly like a Helicopter Man, elf voice acting for martian it may be.
By Pinnimajig on December 13, 2016

2015?! Wow. It's 14-12-16 now. More than a year after! I've been playing iOS version of Happy Wheels for a while now. It's great, Jason. Awesome.
By TheKevinMonster on October 23, 2016

By MiniDrTrayblox on September 10, 2016

By freshswagg23 on March 20, 2016

when are you planning for android release? beta?
By michaelamichaelamich on February 13, 2016

Hey Jim, I'm an avid Happy Wheels Player since 2011. I've loved Happy Wheels since it was released and downloaded the mobile app once i heard it was out. I've beaten all of Irresponsible Dad and have 3 more levels of Segway Guy. Thank toy soo much for creating this game, I can't count the hours i've stayed up playing this. :)
By CSb869408 on February 09, 2016

Hey Jim, Happy wheels iOS is already fun but the editor is a little boring. Please add joint tools like in happy wheels pc to make the editor more fun. Thanks Jim hope you consider this cause I am bored with the editor.
By UlyssesK402 on December 19, 2015

@THESTUNNER: Calm down. Jim can't handle everything you want him to do. At least build some patience.
By THESTUNNER on December 12, 2015

By THESTUNNER on December 12, 2015

Please make Android version.
By glpabbonent on December 08, 2015

pls android i play happywheels for6 years but im registrated since this year so if im not home i can play my favourite game everywhere
By Tux Penguin on December 07, 2015

how about android
By tosunkaya on December 02, 2015

By NukedGaming on November 20, 2015

Were's the ANDROID version? wil you make one there's alot more ANDROID! users than iOS user's!!!!!!!!!!!
By Enileus2000 on November 08, 2015

By Enileus2000 on November 08, 2015

i love Octmus Prime so much
By Enileus2000 on November 08, 2015

i like it so much right
By Enileus2000 on November 08, 2015

is it asome
By ArturoRomero on October 28, 2015

By AWESOMEBACONBEAST on October 28, 2015

We need is on the kindle appstore.
By peti4537 on October 27, 2015

Please make it for ANDROID!!!!!!!
By brenpenhen123 on October 25, 2015

Is it on android
By KitsuneTsuki on October 24, 2015

Is it on Google play???
By lazarvidojevic on October 24, 2015

how to complete happy wheels one your email ghomo
By squishymishy on October 23, 2015

By jackwizz on October 23, 2015

Android now
By LWPeterson on October 21, 2015

You would think that with over 10,000,000 downloads, there would be more comments.
By Redstone_Active6 on October 18, 2015

does it still needs to be logged in? and is there a level editor?
By Nokkvi26 on October 17, 2015

By spooks3773 on October 17, 2015

android please
By Joshua Frost on October 14, 2015

How about nokia phones
By EpicStuff on October 13, 2015

Pleasse, please, please, please, please, please, DO IT FOR WINDOWS PHONE AND ANDROID. Pleaseeeeee!!!! ;'(
By Camouflage_wolf on October 12, 2015

Can you make it for other devices too i know that it's just beginning to come to other platforms but i want it for androids,and more like game consoles you know stuff like that
By carson_barney on October 10, 2015

can you also make it on android please
By tonzaza2323 on October 04, 2015

By DarkLion1 on September 30, 2015

By cool_guy21 on September 29, 2015

please that's all i have/use
By cool_guy21 on September 29, 2015

android release
By stan_boss_dude on September 28, 2015

Android Release. Now.
By ZzthegamerzZ on September 28, 2015

Can you please add the game to google play store.
By svetlozar yanev on September 28, 2015

i will be happy if you add happy wheels to the play store but free
By Mine Gams on September 27, 2015

If you can play it or its like a dev version thats unstable on android can you email me with a test/dev version i realy want to play it .
By countryboycansurvive on September 24, 2015

Android release?
By ninjaforlife on September 23, 2015

It's good with me
By Crash12312321 on September 23, 2015

By ZickyZackyCake on September 21, 2015

plz do android soon
By Fancy Dood on September 18, 2015

could u bring it to samsung next?
By HeistMaster54 on September 17, 2015

When does it come for android
By jpventurini on September 16, 2015

dfase awwaaewrd dadwwa
By chainrai on September 13, 2015

By aladinsalhaoui on September 10, 2015

God job but plz make it on android plz plz plz plz plz if you whant make it paid but please Do not ignore To make it plz
By Tinokrustev on September 10, 2015

please make it available for android
By kylejsob on September 09, 2015

Guys, android version is confirmed.
By KiLluUsE on September 08, 2015

When will the happy wheels on android?
By Jaceered on September 07, 2015

when i saw the mini gameplay the graphics looked better
By spring traper on September 04, 2015

please put it on android