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Happy Wheels Cartoon
By Jim on May 05, 2015

If you hadn't guessed by the title of this post, there's going to be a Happy Wheels cartoon! I'm actually pretty excited about it now that it appears to be happening. Bunim-Murray, creators of the educational Kardashian series and the Real World, contacted me with interest in creating a digital series, and we eventually worked something out. The series will be part of Machinima's new programming slate.

Yesterday I attended Machinima's newfronts event where they announced Happy Wheels along with several other new series. There was free pizza. I met RoboCop, and I discovered we had a lot in common. As far as work is concerned, it's very rare for me to be involved in anything with other people, so it was a nice change to be networking with other living individuals in my field.

In case you were worried, the vast majority of my time will still be spent on video game development as that is still what I enjoy most. I will only be participating in this series in an advisory, creative role. However, based on early discussions, it seems like they are very much on board with creating something true to the game and have already shown me they are very capable. I've already had to come up with a lot of character information Happy Wheels history that I had never even thought of before. I'll keep everyone updated on how things progress.

** Update 5/7/15 **

I added in a collision value 7 for shapes, which will only collide with characters. I also fixed collision values 5 and 6 to work how they were originally intended. Old published levels will be unaffected, but may perform differently for you if loaded in the level editor.
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By DEXOBVXD on May 28, 2020

I like happy wheels create an account for me but when will the original version be playable? I can not wait XD
By tinvale25 on July 11, 2018

putos gringos pédorros se robaron la éne
By emmanuelheinrich on September 11, 2017

By angarkiki on August 19, 2017

i like new things in level editor!!!look my levels my name is:angarkiki pleese rate *****5
By Coolman123_Is_Here on March 18, 2017

You should add water to soak in, lava to melt in, acid to dissolve in, fire to burn in, be able to use body parts in level making(such as heads, intestines, spines, etc.), add more characters, and put checkpoints in the game. I think you should also add zombies too. Could you do it??
By Maciek1788 on February 17, 2017

Please Jim, add new character, a martian, vehicle - UFO, space - magnet beam, can fly like a Helicopter Man, elf voice acting for martian it may be.
By GwnArthur on January 18, 2017

By PeckPlaysYT on January 05, 2017

guys is anyone elss seeing just the blue sreen?
By helper62 on December 20, 2016

plese do make the happy wheels cartoon!
By GwnArthur on November 12, 2016

H703VQPWF all 25 characters
By saadsaadsaad on September 01, 2016

jim bonacci i wonna know if you are gonna do happy wheels for android or all the characters for IOS Soo choose one i rather you Tell me when you finish your busy bussnies
By IMDUHLOLS on June 25, 2016

By RedrainofDEATh on April 20, 2016

O_O say what now?!?!? :) cant wait :3
By theguywhoisthere on April 13, 2016

holy spagetii
By 888thorn on January 29, 2016

**** u Ur a l0Z3r u fkINg IDIoiT
By ryan2430 on January 25, 2016

better be good
By happy wheels hipants on October 25, 2015

how do you get all the characters???
By bradcoollyh on September 28, 2015

what is the relase date of the new character
By narutosahibul on September 18, 2015

lol cartoon in hw so weird xD
By eduardocarranza75 on September 16, 2015

By ToyBonny on September 12, 2015

By Bulaon on September 05, 2015

this is awesome happy wheels on apple dude thats so cool but you need to pay for it
By Killer Cheese on August 22, 2015

Half the people here don't even understand the English language. Sigh.
By Pockets90 on August 19, 2015

Hi Guys. Just Maked Good Levels. Can Give Me How To make Crusher
By froddyclaus on August 17, 2015

Dats good jim good look : )
By Ballislife613 on August 17, 2015

Somethin is wrong wit happy wheels today!!!
By MiddlingRanger on August 16, 2015

I suggest creating a new character with a car because none of the other characters have a car. Also, best of luck with the HW cartoon. (By the way, I suggest the character be named Car Dude)
By gideon47 on August 15, 2015

can u please create a new character before working on the cartoon idea?? please best wishes, gideon47,
By dannymcg on August 14, 2015

What about Happy Wheels 2 or at least a new character?
By ugive10k on August 12, 2015

Is there any news on an android version of happy wheels?
By ShadowGmerz on August 12, 2015

it is funniest game ever!!!!!and the best 100% sure!!!!
By commander_mody226 on August 12, 2015

By PieIsAwesome on August 11, 2015

I laugh every time when the character falls apart!!!
By supertooth4374 on August 11, 2015

this is a great idea
By light brat on August 11, 2015

By 2dminecraft on August 11, 2015

It is great news to Happy Wheels!
By trentonpatton09 on August 10, 2015

By Bigfitcat97 on August 10, 2015

good job guys
By riperman1222 on August 10, 2015

By Vobanetron on August 09, 2015

By Bigbloodhead on August 09, 2015

Well today we can make water and sand by ourselves.
By Danieltheminer on August 09, 2015

Ok,if i think of it. I like the game but it's missing enviroment. Water 's missing. Sand's Missing etc...
By umutb2044 on August 09, 2015

This game is super
By KawaiiGirl321 on August 08, 2015

i like happy wheels it is a very fun game
By asdkfgh23sdf3 on August 07, 2015

I am playing Happy Wheels since I was on 5th grade. It's fun and cool game. I like the bloody stuffs.
By KillerMessi on August 07, 2015

By dona99 on August 07, 2015

By profile999 on August 06, 2015

??? ?? ??????? ????: ???????????
By GHAIS on August 06, 2015

It was called "Crime City" I think, made by GhostRider? Anyway, the creator seems to have deleted the level himself, or someone hacked into his account. Say goodbye to that amazing level.
By justinlee8 on August 05, 2015

what is the level where you are irresponsible dad and you rob a bank with a car?
By DX1200 on August 05, 2015

Hello everyone, please try my new level "Cave of Darkness HD" It's the best level I have made yet, and I hope it will be featured, and popular. I've spent so much time creating it.
By Saucy_McNuggets on August 05, 2015

happy wheels 2 is still has a long way to go in development. it's not like jim can put out updates for happy wheels AND still work on HW2. you guys need to calm down and let him do his thing
By edenshunter on August 04, 2015

Totally Unrelated Question: Jim Can You Add A fire Mechanic to Happy Wheels 2?
By Mr Doritos on August 04, 2015

People , please calm down . I think Jim is working on Happy Wheels 2 , has shown in youtube .
By aloys09 on August 04, 2015

random comment
By twistedmaniac8 on August 03, 2015

pls add when the series starts
By ADDICTED2GAMEZ on August 02, 2015

when will the carton series start
By tottle22 on August 02, 2015

Hay Jim when are the videos going to come.
By bobfromKFC on August 01, 2015

dear jim please put a break group option to the trigger tool menu . i would be very grate full if you did.
By Gage Rathier on August 01, 2015

When Is It Being Published
By Zero1270 on August 01, 2015

A am from Russia
By Morte Games on July 31, 2015

hue hue br
By valenandbelu on July 31, 2015

sorry yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss plis happy wheels 2 plissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
By valenandbelu on July 31, 2015

By Bulaon on July 31, 2015

i wish that all of the characters will come out in the future