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new joint
By Jim on November 21, 2014

In a minor, rare update, I have added sliding (prismatic) joints into the level editor. These let you constrain two bodies to each other on an single axis aligned with the screen. They're good for things like pistons or elevators. There are also new trigger actions for joints, which allow you to dynamically change and disable joint limits. you know.

When you search for Happy Wheels on google, you have to steer clear of around 100 other fake Happy Wheels sites. Thankfully my real site is at the top due to actual use. I don't really mind when someone shares the demo version of the game, but when a site is created that claims ownership of the game for the sole purpose of attaining ad revenue by misleading others, I must contain my internet rage. With the current google search results you'll see a little info box to the right with a short writeup of the game. There's a photo there of some old man with missing teeth, which links to a fake Happy Wheels google+ page, that I'm not at all responsible for. Someone decided they would represent my game with this imagery, so now that's the first thing you see upon searching for Happy Wheels. Don't click on it, as you'll give the page more views. I've sent takedown requests on my own, but google doesn't seem to believe that I'm the owner of the game despite me having a registered trademark. I imagine this image autopopulates due to the popularity of the fake page, which is now increasing daily due to it's search ranking. I've since created my own google+ page here . If you don't mind, please follow the page just so I can try to outrank that fake one. You can also press the new google+ follow button under Happy Wheels itself.  Finally, if you'd like to be very very helpful, you can search for Happy Wheels, find the info box to the right, and click on feedback. From there you can label mark the image as wrong. My attempts at doing so were ignored.  THANK YOU LOYAL PALS.

Yes, I am still working on the new game and will continue to do so until it's ready. My life currently has no other purpose. I had prototyped everything in flash. The basics of the new physics engine are done, and I've been learning c++ and opengl inside and out so I don't make any grave mistakes when I rewrite it all. SO MUCH READING....arg.

That's it for now, enjoy turkey soon if applicable.
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By flamarang on April 16, 2020

By EAGLEBOY599 on May 21, 2015

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By xKingLoki420x on May 03, 2015

Jim i have deleted a level on accident. Do you think you could help me. I have the URL to the level and I can give it to you if you need it. -xKingLoki420x Please Reply
By navid123 on April 29, 2015

By navid123 on April 29, 2015

????????? (? LOL )?
By madman2100 on April 13, 2015

make a guy in an actual car +
By bigfoot369 on April 09, 2015

By bigfoot369 on April 09, 2015

By Kai_Mwa_Boss on April 09, 2015

By hugolomas03 on April 04, 2015

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By goginony on April 03, 2015

By sevirman on April 02, 2015

make a walking guy
By Giddylearner937 on April 01, 2015

By cmyer346 on March 27, 2015

it about time you put fullscreen on
By Angel_10 on March 26, 2015

By dukicar12 on March 25, 2015

By omestrewilliam on March 25, 2015

By omestrewilliam on March 25, 2015

I will use yes
By DYNOMITEDON3613 on March 20, 2015

Happy Wheels lover . org he is the best!
By koekezoet on March 20, 2015

happy wheels makes me so happy
By shelovepapii__ on March 10, 2015

By _potato_ on March 08, 2015

dud Happy wheels is amasing
By tisbutafleshwound on March 04, 2015

you should make a gun model
By gamehead04 on March 01, 2015

By ROYAL JR on February 21, 2015

By KahoChung123ts on February 20, 2015

By Drew7236MINE on February 19, 2015

By Edwin_and_Jorge_Halo on February 14, 2015

By geckos are cool on February 11, 2015

By 7mood alk3bi on January 29, 2015

Good game
By jake_martin on January 26, 2015

May I say something too ?? Potatoes :)
By moario101 on January 17, 2015

Can you do an update that makes it so that making shuriken levels are easier?
By ogledalceto12 on January 07, 2015

@magicguards you are cool :D
By magicguards on January 07, 2015

furg is just stupid man
By biskvitka_1 on January 05, 2015

pff.. why dont play any awesome game on ?
By smartkiadz345 on January 02, 2015

would you be able to make a guy that has a monster truck because that would be cool
By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

NEW JOINT COOL!! ;) ;) ;) ;)
By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By David32505 on December 31, 2014

By esemesese on December 30, 2014

By sakakitonda on December 30, 2014

By ATESKAFA on December 27, 2014

By IVANVIRGULTI01 on December 25, 2014

sono bellissimi tutti e due i giochi ma a me piace di più il secondo e spero che facciate al più presto il continuo come avete promesso scrivendo"to be continued"
By Alice6000 on December 21, 2014

how do you activate your registration on happy wheels
By Suomi_Jonte on December 20, 2014

I have an idea to replays, if you could add text and slow/speed it down/up, and pause. it would be kinda useless but nice way to show your replays.
By CaptainFearless on December 18, 2014

Jim, when you make happy wheels 2, if it is cartooned, then a 2nd game is POINTLESS. You just would be making a remake of your game. If you made a 3D version, then people could choose one whenever. Better than having 2 the same thing. Cartoony would be boring in a way. It would be like meh not happy with the 2nd game, it's like the same...
By GHAIS on December 18, 2014

Man, people keep swearing here for some reason. lol Yeah, the 1.80 version can't load most of the levels that were made with the 1.79 version as they were supposed to load. Something has to be done.
By SpartaTjf on December 18, 2014

Thanks **** What I find strange is that I can log in with this account just fine; I've cleared my cache as well as cookies entirely a couple of times.
By MysteryPancake1 on December 17, 2014

I think I already said this, but sorry about the sassy maze-game comments, I blame my brain for thinking stupid crap.
By hugo ribeiro on December 17, 2014

Jim I Found A Problem With My Maps Version 1.80 Maked My Other Maps Strange Cause Triggers Aren't Working For Maps Builted Before 1.80 Can You Try To Help Me?
By Alec on December 17, 2014

@Sparta - your S P A R T A account has been active for months, so it's possible there's a bug with your chromebook and spaces. Email me next Monday and I'll look into it.
By stryker on December 17, 2014

Version 1.8o is out apparently. Anybody knows what it is about?
By Loopknot on December 17, 2014

By IAmVeryBored on December 17, 2014

@LWPeterson, it says S P A R T A is not banned. He just can't log in to his account for some strange reason.
By Super cj1 on December 17, 2014

@LWPeterson: I don't understand that **** name is not allowed here...
By TheRealThing_76 on December 17, 2014

@SantaCloset, i've noticed that too. Top rated levels are being increased by around 100+ votes that kills the great rating. It happened to me too. Also, i've seen a couple of levels made a year ago, appear at the top of the top rated levels.
By SpartaTjf on December 17, 2014

Correction: "System Error. Please try again." Wouldn't let me log in. I suspect it's my Chromebook but that doesn't make sense if I can log in and out of this account.