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color glitch?
By Jim on June 25, 2014

I keep getting emails about a color glitch in the editor, but I've not changed anything related to the color selector in the last year. I imagine it may be an issue with a particular updated version of the flash player, but I'm not able to replicate the issue on my pc or mac. If you're having that problem, leave a comment below with very specific details, such as your operating system, browser, and flash version (right click on the game and the version number should be at the bottom).

If you've not yet noticed, there's a new bug reporting form for the site here. For future site and game issues please use that. There's also some new email addresses on the terrible about page.
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By Xpert 13 on December 13, 2018

I'm make glitch "Black hole". I'm take one spring platform and wrte on "rotation" of "NaN".
By splittingmean on April 13, 2015

do peapole mean that you can have a Triangle or Sqaure multicoulerd????????
By jmykal13 on March 15, 2015

By Katja3000 on February 23, 2015

w h y i s t h i s w e b s i d e h a v e o n l y t w o g a m e s ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
By EnderSBThePerfect on December 23, 2014

XD XD X DXDX X X D x d x
By AlphaNooB2000 on December 10, 2014

By mariosamy on December 10, 2014

yeah i had that glitch it wont let me chose colors but now its gone its really weird
By Billy_Quill_PS3 on December 06, 2014

By Billy_Quill_PS3 on December 06, 2014

By humphreycrafter on November 30, 2014

guys there s also a glich where billy (or timmy which ever) can somtimes loses 4 feet at times for me so u can fix it or whatever
By ffyla8401 on November 29, 2014

nevermind about that,itsawesome fools!
By leftclick45 on November 28, 2014

By Tuycraft on November 28, 2014

By strawburry17 on November 27, 2014

hey everyone. if you know me, I was told to do a happy wheels series. this is my first episode can some one tell me how to play?
By person357 on November 23, 2014

By Gamemaker156 on November 16, 2014

Hey Jim please can you make the Levels that the user made be edited?Like pressing your levels then theres a button name like "Edit Level"??? I mess up a level of mine and i am dissapointed.Can you make a button like that?But only for the creator of the level.
By gtapro jr on November 15, 2014

make more charecters jim
By rm tedhhhr on November 14, 2014

lol this is lol!and fail
By WeeGeeDee on November 09, 2014

I don't care about the color glitch.
By Vovchic profi 157 on November 07, 2014

By evandabeast212 on November 04, 2014

I don't have a color glitch. It's just because of the types of computers we have. I have a good one so... It will work on my computer ( ?° ?? ?°)
By Jimbob99689 on November 02, 2014

I can't find anything wrong. I wonder what it is?
By ZexyZekZZ on October 28, 2014

Um I also want to know could u get this on any device?P.s I'm not Zexy Zek I'm just a fan, a really big fan
By ZexyZekZZ on October 28, 2014

I don't have a reply but I have a question, I didn't know this game wasn't free but do I have to download it on my PC?
By power666 on October 27, 2014

I just got my is it cool?????
By maxkarlmilller on October 27, 2014

@ThaProGamer445 same!
By ninja master on October 26, 2014

I have no problems with happy wheels i think its just your computer, i know it sounds crazy bot i'm just guessing
By ninja master on October 26, 2014

you goes can you please stop glitches on happy wheels and tell your friends to stop also spread it around the world
By jacko23456 on October 19, 2014

all of my levels are always just blue and red um #colorglitch
By computerbrain7 on October 18, 2014

Happy Wheels has NO glitches. I have played it for a long time and there is NOTHING wrong. :)
By the 6year old killer on October 18, 2014

the colors are just so cool
By USMCusmc on October 17, 2014

I know I hate color glitches when I make a map and it looks fine and I publish it, it has so many things wrong with it yet it won't let me fix it
By ThaProGamer445 on October 17, 2014

Guys what character do you like the most? Mine is Irresponsible Dad
By awsomedog300 on October 16, 2014

cool thats sooo goood
By erwinxdditter on October 14, 2014

By blue gain 700 on October 10, 2014

ur poop
By Tjbravo6 on October 07, 2014

There is a bug where trigger tools attached to other trigger tools will move whenever you save the level and reload it,XML data doesn't solve the bug as far as I'm aware.
By derpempire on October 07, 2014

off topic but on some levels say sign your name and there is no level editor
By LeeCraftz125 on October 02, 2014

@LWPeterson It's been a few days now, I think the level should be loaded.....
By GHAIS on September 29, 2014

@badtothebone10 Calm down. Where did you hear that the app came out? Don't worry if it came out it they will write a news post. @Alec Don't mention it. Thanks. :D
By badtothebone10 on September 29, 2014

Do u have any idea where the app is? Do u have it?
By jtlougan on September 29, 2014

thars another thig i cant get happywheels to lode
By badtothebone10 on September 29, 2014

By badtothebone10 on September 29, 2014

Umm, where are u? I was told that happy wheels ios app came out a long time ago for ipad, but its not there. I would like to know why. Where is it? I want to play it NOW!!
By Alec on September 29, 2014

@GHAIS Thanks, I appreciate that. Your levels are awesome.
By prebzogdennis123 on September 29, 2014

pewdiepie is funny
By SpartaTjf on September 29, 2014

+1 what Killer Cheese said. I don't believe Killer Cheese has ever spammed anything relating to TJF.
By Killer Cheese on September 29, 2014

@Brisken77: Sure, I spam too much, coming from a guy who makes meaningless comments like "WOOOOOOO" or "Maccaroni!". lolz
By Brisken77 on September 28, 2014

@Killer Cheese I think you spam too much. I hate you. You suck!
By Timmychonga on September 28, 2014

Well, I haven't seen ANY glitches (except for maybe levels freezing in the editor/ character related stuff) and i am always use Google Chrome. So maybe these little inconveniences are problems with Internet Explorer/ Firefox?
By Afraidanna on September 28, 2014

By Killer Cheese on September 28, 2014

I must say, I didn't miss the lack of spam comments.
By LWPeterson on September 28, 2014

@LeeCraftz125, the level will probably take a couple of minutes to show up after you published it, it should show up now. This is just to prevent lag from all of the people publishing levels.
By Brisken77 on September 27, 2014

By Super cj1 on September 27, 2014

I'm on my friend's house and I can't play the game there. Damn...
By LeeCraftz125 on September 27, 2014

I haven't noticed a color glitch, but I have noticed a different glitch, my levels don't show up in the browser! It's very annoying, I spent hours upon hours making a level and people can't even play it!
By yotuber13245 on September 27, 2014

chupame la pija jim el mejor juego del mundoooo
By MOJANG12345 on September 26, 2014

when i create a level on happy wheels, why doesn't it show up in the browse levels area?
By mrevildude on September 26, 2014

When will Happy Wheels 2 come out and why are you making one?
By GHAIS on September 26, 2014

Hello @Alec. You are one of my heros for keeping this site together.
By carlos321698 on September 26, 2014

HAPPY WHEELS 2???????????????????????
By the random maker on September 26, 2014

Jim? Are you Alive? Because we can't talk *Long time ago* YES FINALLY! I THOGHT YOU WERE DEAD!
By curts j acton on September 26, 2014

they are lying to you its ok. leave it as it is please
By Super cj1 on September 26, 2014

By Brisken77 on September 26, 2014