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site move
By Jim on May 07, 2014

Hey guys, this afternoon Alec will be taking the site down for about an hour or two while we prepare for a move to another host. When it returns, uploading of any sort will be disabled while we transfer the database to the new site. Unfortunately this may take a few days to a week. Sorry to do this again, but I don't foresee a site move anytime afterwards. There was a problem with our current host that kind of brought all the progress we've been making on the site to a halt. If this causes you a buildup of internal rage, please consider unleashing your emotions in some creative manner that is constructive to others.

In other news... I recently put analytics into the game, so I've been able to see the terms people actually search for in the level browser. Yesterday, 956 people searched for the incorrectly spelled "sword trow", which I found very impressive. Even more surprising, it turns out effective shopper is the least popular character in the game. For me, this was very saddening. I would have guessed she was in the top 5. Here's the current list of characters, ranked by the number of times they're chosen on the character select screen.
  1. Irresponsible dad
  2. Segway guy
  3. Helicopter man
  4. Pogostick man
  5. Wheelchair guy
  6. Lawnmower man
  7. Santa Claus
  8. Moped couple
  9. Explorer guy
  10. Irresponsible mom
  11. Effective shopper
I've been working on the iphone version of the game with Jason in preparation for the launch. I've made new character portrait art for the level selection menus. I think they look pretty ok. THIS IS ALL I HAVE TO SHARE AT THE MOMENT!
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By yeetus meetus on February 01, 2021

By yeetus meetus on February 01, 2021

By toto_1234 on November 06, 2020

characters 25
By ivan h on December 03, 2016

but why when came all the 25 characters please do this game done
By picachu1123 on December 01, 2016

By TannMann64 on April 11, 2015

What's wrong with Explorer Guy, people? He's one of or is the fastest character in the game.
By baconsaver on April 04, 2015

wazz up pls make more people!!!!!!!!!!!
By pabloblandon11 on March 30, 2015

By slenderbrine972 on March 20, 2015

maby in happy wheels 2 you could choose your character and your vehicle
By Bustbros on March 13, 2015

You should make a cop with Jason as a playable character. XD Or you should make yourself
By EpicNinjaNoob on February 27, 2015

The Next Character should be a person In A Go-Kart. That would seem cool. Or a Train!
By nate12 on February 14, 2015

you should make a skateboard character
By corban13 on January 24, 2015

Who is the next character going to be? If you don't mind.
By herewegoagain99 on December 24, 2014

0h n0, I like effective shopper :\
By BadCorps on December 23, 2014

put some one on a trike BadCorps
By BadCorps on December 23, 2014

add a guy on a swivel chair with a boost (Like the wheelchair guy) and a clown on a unicycle, maybe a guy on a scooter, put a guy in a convertible, car put a forklift guy add these characters ASAP and Merry Christmas BadCorps
By JDJH4_MC on December 11, 2014

Happy extremely early Christmas.
By ffyla8401 on November 29, 2014

I know this sounds ridiculous,but make a thin mna,wearing a pilot's unifirm riding one of those airplanes which have propelers on the front,ya know,the old classic one
By butt head55552 on November 05, 2014

Make a zombie dude!!!!
By skylordcastle9 on November 01, 2014

make an athletic person
By skylordcastle9 on November 01, 2014

make a dirtbike person
By KarateGirl on October 31, 2014

You should do a Karate one Im a black belt in it and i will like to see it in this game
By nopkodiak on October 11, 2014

make a scooter and skate board kid
By badger2006 on October 09, 2014

please stop the naked lady glitches!
By mrevildude on October 04, 2014

I know its late to write a comment, but i'm both happy and sad. Im happy because i don't have to play these naked lady glitches (PLEASE DO SOMTHING BOUT THOSE!!!!!) and Im sad because I cant play anything new, or post levels.
By fuck nut sexobeet be on September 28, 2014

By yusufarslan1 on September 27, 2014

make please 25 charachters
By smartkiadz345 on September 27, 2014

make new characters
By SPgamingNL on September 26, 2014

make happy wheels on ios please.
By SpandexWheels on August 17, 2014

By ferb1210 on August 15, 2014

whos jason
By alan5555 on August 15, 2014

Happy wheels 2?!
By ananonymus on August 15, 2014

make timmy a little bycicle like that we can use timmy and if we start as the irresponsible dad we can choose start with timmy on the back we choose (like when we want to) and if we start without him the kid seat is not there and thanks
By the awsome bro on August 15, 2014

i think 3d do 3d no one likes cartoony thats sh]t
By yoga aditya on August 14, 2014

make happy wheels on ios
By Yousif asad on August 13, 2014

pewdiepie character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By happywheelskid23 on August 12, 2014

wat is the new site
By gilbertl on August 12, 2014

how to get only one character to just on level
By BryekenGeneral on August 09, 2014

Irresponsible Dad and Moped Couple are my favs
By DEVIL_KILLER on August 08, 2014

im am beginner
By DEVIL_KILLER on August 08, 2014

how create a vehicle?
By harrygod on August 08, 2014

your right
By xcxcxcxcxc24 on August 08, 2014

how much longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
By emey8765 on August 08, 2014

make the jet guy
By frog gaming 64 on August 07, 2014

How long will it be.
By Happines575 on August 06, 2014

Or you can make a kid that is riding in a shopping cart! I do that all the time!
By Happines575 on August 06, 2014

You should have this skater dude!!
By coolrobofighter on August 05, 2014

make a steve for charcters and a sword guy
By xcxcxcxcxc24 on August 05, 2014

motor biker
By coolrobofighter on August 05, 2014

in the future the happy wheels 1 characters be happy wheels 2 too
By coolrobofighter on August 05, 2014

make happy wheel pigs,cows,horse,zombies,more guns,people can walk who have a red t-shit for charter and make a giant for character for happy wheels 1 in the next update
By coolrobofighter on August 05, 2014

make a new guy happy wheels 1 he have a gun and car space to shoot
By LWPeterson on August 04, 2014

Unfortunately there will probably not be a new character soon, as Jim has not announced one yet.
By yhure_bae101 on August 03, 2014

i love happy wheels follow me on teitter @crazylexi123
By Laser213 on August 03, 2014

Plss new character please!
By Ashley_cakes on August 02, 2014

add more
By adamdaaboul on August 01, 2014

is ther a androide version if thers not could u do one
By mudkipmaster on August 01, 2014

Make timmy have a skateboard
By Johnny_Test12 on August 01, 2014

will you make a android version too ?
By awsomesause1134 on August 01, 2014

PLZZZZZZ make the "back to the future" delorain or mcfly rideing that hoverbord in the seconed movie...
By Avdeep singh on August 01, 2014

you should make a flying saucer and with aliens
By xcxcxcxcxc24 on July 30, 2014

Make a biker character or a kid on a skate board or something
By deathisalive444 on July 30, 2014

Jim make a go carting person. try to make happy wheels on the i pad also.
By TYLER999YOLO on July 29, 2014

By MonkeyPeter02 on July 29, 2014

Can you make us 2 person bike that has 1 woman, 1 man in it :D