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polygons and vehicles and stuff
By Happy Wheels on January 30, 2012


I should have written a few news posts since the last one, but I didn't. Since then a few things have been added to the game.

Polygon shapes have been available for a while now. There has been a lot of confusion with there usage so I will try to clarify things in a nice list:

- There is a big difference in functionality when changing the polygon tool from interactive and non-interactive. If you're telling me the polygon tool is broken, you probably didn't uncheck interactive when attempting to draw.

- Interactive polygons are limited in their shape. Shapes can only be convex polygons. This means no inner angle of any vertex can be over 180 degrees, and no edges can overlap each other. Shapes must also be drawn in a clockwise manner and have 10 vertices max. This is done in order to not break the physics of the game.

- Non-interactive shapes have nothing to do with physics, so they have no limitations other than the number of vertices (50). Click while holding shift to end the non-interactive shape early without filling it. You can use this to draw lines.

- Use ctrl+click to remove the last vertex you placed with the polygon tool.

- You cannot change the interactive value once a polygon shape is placed. This was an easier solution than checking if your random art piece obeyed the physics rules, which it probably did not. (also, slight laziness)

- Polygons can't be scaled. There were too many things to consider in order for me to allow it. However, there's no size restriction on them... they just have to fit on stage.

That's the end of the list.

There's now a much improved color selector in the editor. When you choose a certain color, a brightness and saturation spectrum is displayed. Left to right is saturation, and up and down determine brightness. The brightest, most saturated version of that hue will be always be at the top right. You can save and delete custom colors with the plus and minus buttons. Additionally, when dragging colors on the spectrum, you can drag off of the color selector and grab colors from anything in the background.

And finally, there is the new vehicle feature. When selecting a group containing that contains at least one interactive shape, you now have the option of converting that group into a controllable vehicle. Any character you eject can control this vehicle once they've grabbed onto it. I think I will start a new list:

- When first creating a vehicle, you'll notice all of the interactive shapes inside will glow blue. These shapes will act as the handles for the vehicle. If you'd only like for one particular shape (such as a steering wheel) to act as the handle, double click into the group and disable the handle property for the other shapes.

- Leaning is set to zero by default, so be sure to raise this if you'd like the user to be able to lean left and right on the vehicle.

- Pressing up and down while operating the vehicle will operate attached joints. So for example, a wheel is placed on stage (not inside the vehicle), and then attached to the vehicle with a joint. The wheel's top speed and direction are determined by the joint's properties, not the vehicle's.

- Joints attached to a vehicle can be set so they are not controlled by the vehicle.

- Jets and arrowguns that are jointed to the vehicle can be controlled. Set spacebar, shift, and ctrl abilities in the vehicle properties.

- If you'd like to limit the rotation of a jet attached to the vehicle, it's best to set the joint limits to 0 and 0. This will allow the jet to rotate, but it will stay in the correct angle relative to the vehicle.

- You can actually attach vehicles to each other with joints, and they will be controlled by each other. I haven't done anything too crazy with this, but I imagine you can do some very cool stuff. I might also make it so any joint connected to a vehicle indirectly (a joint connected to a shape that is joined to a vehicle elsewhere) could be controlled by the vehicle. With this you could make a whole chain of joints flex or retract upon keypresses. That would have to be cool... I think.

OK! I think that's the end of it. This may be my longest post. Vehicles have been cool, but I definitely think I have to add some better sounds in there. Perhaps adding a sound property to running joints, and possibly selectable impact sounds for shapes. In any case, I'm seeing a lot of very cool stuff being made with the new tools. On Saturday, the top 50 for the day were all pretty great. I don't know if I've ever seen that before. Thanks so much to everyone participating. A higher quality community will definitely inspire others and lead to even better submissions.

I'll probably make another post soon with a bunch of other crap I forgot.
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By brendyn1356 on December 28, 2012

I have character choices for you Jim. so send back a message if your interested in new characters.
By artomhej15 on October 28, 2012

By artomhej15 on October 28, 2012

By artomhej15 on October 28, 2012

By alexelloco10 on June 28, 2012

hola or hello i am alex me gustaria que pusieran new stuffs
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I love the new vehicles. awesome :)
By fernandooo 12345 on May 28, 2012

esto si es juego =)
By LWPeterson on May 25, 2012

The person above me is 5 years old.
By rednova123 on May 21, 2012

dear JIM BONNACI when are u gonna create a new character i'm thinking of a car guy,ski guy,scooter kid,skate board kid,air plane pilot,jogger guy,roller coaster guy,chair guy can u please try to make my requests???yours truely RILEY BLACK
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By baileybaker on May 18, 2012

for starters they need a photo thing to take a picture of our selves and thats our character and our vehicle would be any thing we want
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i wish happyweels would have a kid on a scooter that would soooooooooooooo...... FUNNNNN!!!!
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Happy Wheels needs a Jar Jar Binks character that would be funny stuff.
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hey Jim you really should make a mini moto guy that would be kick ass also try my level Zombie Apocalypse P1
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jim how do u change youe password. by the way this website is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
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[u][/u][i][/i][b][/b]Hey jim, please can you add a delete button? i don't like people seeing my bad levels that i posted...
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hey jim try making a halloween charachtrer
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make a zombie charicter for happy wheels with a car
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Sup jim,i was wandering can you make ghost rider character and he has flame and when he dies his flame goes out? Thanks jim.
By beracub1498 on April 30, 2012

happy whels should have a new charcter that is a skate borader or rollard blader that can do tricks anybody who agrees spread the word by copying and pasteing this message
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awesome website
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Hi Jim! Thanks for the new stuff on happy wheels
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Hey jim i only recently joined happy wheels and i think you're doing a great job with all the characters and levels oh and thanks for the post :D
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Hey how do ah make a helmet Dudes?
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This is a awesome game it is the best Jim and Jason I think it is thanks for such a great game I play it every day!
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why is the level Pokemon gym named poop and string named lots of numbers did u get hacked??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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Best page EVER!!!
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Uhh... Is there any way to make non-interactive polygon move? Eh... Like the big guy Jim Bonacci did, I saw on Youtube that he made it interactive and was drawing freely. [b]PLEASE SEND ME ANSWER TO MY INBOX![/b]