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By Happy Wheels on December 29, 2011

Hey guys,

I've been meaning to make a post about the Santa update. WHAT YOU ARE READING RIGHT NOW WILL BE THAT POST.

If you didn't notice, Santa Claus is now the eighth playable character in Happy Wheels. He's the first character to consist of 3 people. He also has no wheels. That's ok, I made this game and I will do whatever the hell I want! Understand? The next couple characters will probably be a bit simpler.

At this pace, all 25 slots will be filled in only 4 years! I hope flash still exists by then. I will try to go faster I guess.

I am still up in the air about what the I'd like to keep doing. The month of December was absurdly amazing in terms of traffic. Thanks to some very popular youtube channels, traffic has tripled from the previous high. Also, thanks very much to Adura, we've made some great backend optimizations, and the site can actually handle the traffic. All of that seems to clearly be telling me to continue working on the flash version of the game. I'll most likely end up dividing my time between this and continuing to learn c++/opengl (I think I've rambled on about this before, but got sidelined by Santa). I've got so many stupid, smaller, simpler ideas for other games I'd like to make. In any case, thanks so much to everyone for playing Happy Wheels this past year and allowing me to continue doing what I think I'm supposed to be doing.

By the way, 1.52 was just a few Santa bug fixes as well as error handling stuff Jason did that should eliminate blue loading screens.

The next thing I do in the game might be a simple drawing tool, or zombies that attack your character. The next thing I will do in real life is plan my dinner.

Happy New year in a few days.
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By HappyEmoji on July 29, 2017

Well, it's 2017 and there is still 15 empty character slots
By mamatime800 on June 06, 2012

By ThiagoNovaes on February 29, 2012

joao vitor
By jj1x0 on February 23, 2012

Hi,Do you have any ideas of what the next character will be?
By K7LoganO1 on February 11, 2012

Jim when will you make it possible to make a level with music on it? If you do can you please tell me when you're going to make it. Thank you!!! K7LoganO1
By milostamey on February 05, 2012

if you make another character in the near future it should be like a guy on a gurney with wheels. ha ha like a guy that was in the hospital or something that would be so great. and really funny
By javier football on January 30, 2012

hah yeah
By alien destroyer on January 30, 2012

I wish there was a zombie character it would be cool.when santa flys he does not get any were its stupidand it wastes a lot of time.
By mauricio123 on January 28, 2012

jim, sou do brasil e eu tenho uma ótima idéia para novos personagens como uma garotinha em um triciculo cor de rosa,um trabalhador de escritório em um snowboard,um idozo gorduchho em um carrinho de rolemã. adoro seu game parei de jogar um tempo só para zerar meu gta iv no xbox mas ja voltei com muita vontade de jogar happy wheels falo jim espero que goste de minha sugestão meu nome é mauricio cp biebie
By gagegrant on January 27, 2012

By xXBiGheAD123Xx on January 26, 2012

By melvin12345 on January 26, 2012

By thehomer123 on January 22, 2012

in four years sopa is here
By TCSGTonka on January 21, 2012

i just got a blue screen xD
By bcmfeet on January 16, 2012

yes finaly a #7 but there should be a clown on uni-cicle. just a tip
By kye112211 on January 14, 2012

you should make it so people can create their own people btw happy wheels for life<3
By irock484 on January 14, 2012

HI Jim i have an idea for a character im not good at making levels so i dont know can u make a knight on horse with a spear that would be awesome. :)
By RJC on January 14, 2012

By death stalker on January 13, 2012

in 4 years this website t even be here
By kookaburra4 on January 12, 2012

Kewl. ZOMBIES. Yummy. >:}
By cheychey on January 12, 2012

haha very funny.
By SWAGOSUARUS REX on January 09, 2012

hey jim great job i hate it when other people ask for a new character every day and when you update a new character they just complain. GOOD WORK JIM
By FUCKU313 on January 09, 2012

By WyldeChild95 on January 07, 2012

I think we should have a bmx or skater kid. like the child form irresponsible dad but teenager or something. I speak no behalf of tons of my friends who play this game that alot of people would enjoy a skateboarder or new bike character. thx for taking time to read this.
By callum morrison on January 06, 2012

[u][/u][i][/i][b][/b] [LIST] [*] [/LIST][LIST] [*] [/LIST][LIST] [*] [/LIST][LIST] [*] [/LIST][LIST=1] [*] [/LIST][LIST=1] [*] [/LIST][code][/code][code][/code][code][/code][code][/code][code][/code][code][/code][code][/code]
By Pirate Tinman on January 05, 2012

Some Character Ideas... Skateboard Boy: Player Zombie: NPC (Only Editor) Little Girl On Bike: Player Editor Ideas NPC Hat Option: (if there isnt 1) NPC Vehicle Option(but not rideable yet) Extra Items( trees, parks stuff, prams.. etc) Art Option( drawing then using as image) And MOST IMPORTANTLY... We Need Filters So No Spam Levels!!! Hope This Helped For New Ideas And Everything -Tinman
By gav20004 on January 04, 2012

next person should be a naked girl or somthing
By Jepcats on January 03, 2012

Also going to learn C++/OpenGL myself soon. Big step up from SDL but I'm looking forward to it :) Good luck!
By Meere on January 02, 2012

my character is a baby on a 3wieler and a zombie
By noob4fun on January 02, 2012

What Happy Wheels needs is a flag button where you can submit a level for review if they are the rate 5 and restart type.
By SouthOfHeaven on January 01, 2012

I have a few character ideas! 1. Green Goblin 2. Clown on Unicycle 3. Ghost Rider 4. Storm trooper on speeder bike
By takzzzz riz on January 01, 2012

jim i got a new idea 4 a character it could be a monkey on a unicycle this would be cool please make this character ur a tank jim thxxx
By ilovepie10 on January 01, 2012

flash is free here:
By 0rotz0 on January 01, 2012

Hey Jim big supporter of this game its so awesome zombies would be an excellent idea hope you take this into consideration. Take your time and make it right. Also, thank you for giving us a new character very nice by the way and thank Jason for the bug fixes
By PKJ2011 on January 01, 2012

By roy2612 on January 01, 2012

if all 25 characters are done, are you then gonna make another page with characters? that would be cool! but, its just a suggestion. you dont have to do that, its your choice.
By Whoopsht on January 01, 2012

Happy new year, everyone. As much as i hate the majority of you, i want everyone to start fresh and enjoy a happy, healthy, and wealthy year.
By Flare27 on December 31, 2011

hmmmm, i wonder who the famouse youtuber is? UBERHAXORNOVA!!! FTW
By OpsanProductions on December 31, 2011

Thank you, I'm sick and tired of playing the same shitty sword throw over and over again.
By Tmann on December 31, 2011

Hey guys its Tmann If You are browsing levels make sher to play on Tmann,s levels
By Nobble on December 31, 2011

haha plan my dinner, lol.
By 501877934 on December 31, 2011

i guy on rollerskates
By D J A Y on December 31, 2011

@Devilgang its alreadt downloading you satanist fuckhead
By SUPER 1000 on December 31, 2011

By DevilGang69 on December 31, 2011

You're just trying to be cool. Fag. But ok, don't torrent flash. Good luck trying to get it without knowing how to torrent.
By D J A Y on December 31, 2011

devil gang is gay
By DevilGang69 on December 31, 2011

It's called torrents you faggots. Torrent flash, problem solved.
By MYMOM234 on December 31, 2011

DJAY, if you ever find free flash plese tell me. The only way i know is the one month free trial on the adobe site. Or, you can pay 800-900 dollars.
By head42 on December 31, 2011

THAT GOD JIM and also i would like zombies :3
By ACHIEVERjunior on December 31, 2011

Its call3d googl3,look it up som3 tim3 why don't ya
By ionmaster130 on December 31, 2011

By JesseIsPro on December 31, 2011

nice.... lol :p
By D J A Y on December 31, 2011

mother eff the popo
By ionmaster130 on December 31, 2011

if you dont get ansewer then nobody knows look it up
By D J A Y on December 31, 2011

...where can i download flash...
By D J A Y on December 31, 2011

...where can i download flash...
By Diegothebest on December 31, 2011

I can not keep my levels
By nelsolla on December 31, 2011

By sausagemcnutty on December 31, 2011

Thanks always here to support happy new years!
By D J A Y on December 31, 2011

Where can i get flash...if u dont answer im gonna keep on askin
By dodd4 on December 31, 2011

no flash is going next year 2012! but is replaced by html 5 no holes in it for virus to get in you should of heard of it now so now you need chrome as it got the most html5 spport
By ACHIEVERjunior on December 31, 2011

By D J A Y on December 31, 2011

@achiever jim said its gonna take four years to finish the rest of the characters