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By Happy Wheels on September 30, 2011


I haven't made a news post in quite some time. Sorry about that. I'll ramble on about the update 2 weeks ago, as well as today's update, and about site plans.

The arrow gun and chains were added to the game 2 weeks ago. The arrow gun works like the harpoon, but is less deadly. Characters will only die if it shoots them in the center of the skull. Unlike the harpoon gun, the arrow gun doesn't have to be in a fixed position and can also be joined and grouped with other items. As an example, you could attach the arrow gun to some shitty looking, moving jeep full of fat women (I'm upset I haven't seen this or anything too complicated yet). The chain was meant to make it easier for people to make long rope like objects. They can break when over stressed. In case you've not seen it, here is a video illustrating some of this.

Today's update is not quite as exciting, but it should be very helpful in making complex levels. Groups can now be edited in place after they are created. You'll no longer have to break them apart and rebuild them. Double-click on them to enter an editing mode, and double-click again on the background to exit. You can also change the depth of items now with ctrl + up or ctrl + down. Previously you'd have to delete and re-paste items to get them into the correct depth order.

Jason also added in tokens (coins?), which will act as another method of completing levels other than the finish line. Place however many tokens you want, and when they are all collected, the level is won. This will be useful if you'd like the player to follow a specific path.

Over the next few weeks the site will be setup to use vbulletin, so that will mean a real forum and a non broken framework. All user accounts will be transferred over to that. The site should look mostly the same, but will run less like dogshit. Once that new system is set up, it will be a lot easier to add fun user related stuff to the backend of the site.

It was my birthday 3 days ago. So very old now. Thank you very much to the creepily knowledgeable few who wished me a Happy Birthday.

I'd really like to make some new games, so I'll be dividing my time up between that and Happy Wheels. Maybe I'll be making a character next.

I can't think of anything else, so that's it for now.
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By determinator1999 on June 14, 2013

By misteralonso on May 11, 2013

ho my god
By Bootay on January 05, 2013

how do people put water in their levels? like when you go over it you kinda of float/bounce as if you're on water. HELP.
By sonic44 on May 22, 2012

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By lilboy119 on April 20, 2012

IT WONT LET ME PAUSE THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im getting pretty pissed -.-
By Toxzex on February 29, 2012

By D J A Y on December 17, 2011

By purepro on December 13, 2011

By Killer Cheese on December 12, 2011

By VishalChaudhari on December 11, 2011

where are you living?
By rashid on December 09, 2011

aqui no brasil o heppy wheels é muito famoso, so esta faltando adicionar falas brasileiras algo do brasil,por que happy wheels tem uma grande repercussão aqui no brasil
By D Jay on November 14, 2011

ass fighter suck on a banana
By Flash Fighter 3000 on November 13, 2011

@D gay But I fixed it... @False Firebird He said he would when he finds out a way to make him or something like that.
By D Jay on November 11, 2011

3secondsguy i dnt read through my comments plus im forgetful as hell ass fighter 3000 my grammar is UNFIXABLE cause i speak namlish aka mixture of all namibian languages(about 5) no one can beat my randomness look the sky is blue!!!!!
By thePimpleWimpleDimp on November 11, 2011

Dudes , check twitter . The next update will be an object and some bug fixes .(Follow me :ThePWD_TJF)
By AdmiralAckbar on November 11, 2011

but the new character is taking a long fuckin time (if hes actually making one) so it is possible he could be working on it... highly unlikely though because i dont think Jim likes satisfying noobs.
By FalseFirebird on November 11, 2011

[quote]i think the new player is gonna be a skate boredingguy... [/quote] Jim's never gonna make a "Skater Boarder", read the FAQ...
By leemlunsford on November 11, 2011

i think the new player is gonna be a skate boredingguy...
By AdmiralAckbar on November 10, 2011

Im going to say something to lighten up the next page... BOOBS
By KillJb78 on November 10, 2011

Ehm.. I'm not sure what you guys are talking about, so I'm just gonna say something randomly to lighten things up.. ..BAGELS!
By ACHIEVERjunior on November 10, 2011

damn I am NEVER gonna rank up to sapphire now!
By 3 secondsGuy on November 10, 2011

D Jay, Why do you repeat yourself? like you go [b]there are no good drugs[/b] mkay me and my friends get high another way we spin till we dizzy(you know spin around a base ball bat but without the bat so we bend over and spin)then once were dizzy as hell we run down the hall full speed then fall down and laugh ourselves sick side effects:head ache and possible vomiting [b]oh there are no good drugs[/b] lol
By D Jay on November 10, 2011

there are no good drugs mkay me and my friends get high another way we spin till we dizzy(you know spin around a base ball bat but without the bat so we bend over and spin)then once were dizzy as hell we run down the hall full speed then fall down and laugh ourselves sick side effects:head ache and possible vomiting oh there are no good drugs
By ACHIEVERjunior on November 10, 2011

So what have we learned today class? DRUGS ARE BAAAAD! except the good one's
By Whoopsht on November 10, 2011

@djay your thought process slows down. Also, you have to focus on what you are saying really hard, otherwise you forget. Its just relaxing.
By D Jay on November 10, 2011

lol whoopsht i also that it was shit @achiever,pennywise wont kill you...he'll just murder you @whoopsht so there no brain damage involved when smoking weed...why do people talk slow when they are high and why do some people act stupid... Yay im getting a skate board i look forward to face planting...apparently u experience adrenaline @admiral why cnt i find fluffees name oh and penny Who is georgie
By AdmiralAckbar on November 10, 2011

@psycopath48 i've always wondered the same thing lol! i thought it was whoop shit
By Whoopsht on November 09, 2011

@psycopath48 like a whip. there is no shit involved.
By PENNYWISE THE CLOWN on November 09, 2011

OH YES THEEY AL FLOAT GEORGIE, and when you come down here... YOU'LL FLOAT TOO
By Psycopath48 on November 09, 2011

@whoopsht is you name whoopshit or whoopsht like a whip
By Whoopsht on November 09, 2011

@DJay trust me, there is no way i would jump off a cliff. you still think the same way. you just forget stuff really fast. thats why you mellow when you're high. because as soon as you go somewhere, you forget where you are and what you are doing
By ACHIEVERjunior on November 09, 2011

DON'T WORRY GUYS! he's not gonna,but you, well you figure it out
By Psycopath48 on November 09, 2011

whao where did you get that picture? GET THE FUCK AWAY
By PENNYWISE THE CLOWN on November 09, 2011

ive known you for a long time
By Psycopath48 on November 09, 2011

image upload fail XD
By D Jay on November 09, 2011

what do u mean can anybody overwrite levels
By eSPee on November 09, 2011

Guys can anybody overwrite levels?
By D Jay on November 09, 2011

@admiral ackbar im no jew im catholic...PLZ dnt bring this up again @psycopath i have not read that bt i heard about it... I dnt read at all it annoys me @penny wise im afraid of heights u gon push me off a building? Everyone if u visit africa make sure there is a pool close by im telling u nw this morning was hot and it was 7a.m and i was dying of heat who believes in 2012(i mean the abnormal weather changes) i have sum good reasons to believe
By killercol6 on November 08, 2011

We need more characters like the go-kart character like a well...◔̯◔...Got it a uhm...◔̯◔...A hover scooter guy or crazed scooter and he is like the irresponsible dad mixed with the segway guy but with no wheels .And maybe a guy like jigsaw and he could ride a bike that is coloured red and black or just black or just red.This will be a super awesome game if you added those 3 characters. ಠ◡ಠ <Freddy's here.✌peace out.
By Psycopath48 on November 08, 2011

@deJ hes right man if you read the novel(stephen kings it) you would completly understand. pennywise the clown a.k.a. IT ot a.k.a bob gray or a.k.a the deadlights p.s. hes not a demon, hes a god
By PENNYWISE THE CLOWN on November 08, 2011

By AdmiralAckbar on November 08, 2011

@D Jay. Stop being such a fucken jew. stupid jew
By GrapesAndMilk on November 08, 2011

What the fuck is going on?
By D Jay on November 08, 2011

@psycopath yes im from namibia penny eat him he said you are not human by the way penny whats ur other user name coz it said you joined yesterday(7 november 2011) penny eats kids im a teenager/pre-teen i dnt knw which one it never crossed my mind but im a MAN loves penny great you had to go and traumatise the clown/mantis/whatever he is why... Why!?!?!
By ACHIEVERjunior on November 08, 2011

STFU! CLOWNS ARE PEOPLE TOO! just people who can't find a job,AND PENNYWISE IS NOT A CLOWN! he's a giant,shiny eyed child eating mantis because all he really wants is to be loved...we love you pennywise! exept D JAY,he hates you(eat him!)
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By Psycopath48 on November 08, 2011

alright penn your starting to get annoying. i dont care that much if he joins. @ dray do you really live in namibia?
By PENNYWISE THE CLOWN on November 08, 2011

By Psycopath48 on November 08, 2011

@dlay your levels are pretty good compared to others. and pennywise would only scare you if you read the book or watched the movie.
By D Jay on November 08, 2011

@aciever when i said abuse i meant u over use them the update was like two weeks ago and u made 10 cannon levels,why mst u b a hypocrite u are the one who thinks his betta then every1. @Psycopath were my levels enjoyable. @pennywisetheclown my night is probably your afternoon,im the only peep from my continent on this site and mentally challenged wheelers is only cool if u have a silly name like chuckles mayb i should open another account @drakeso,wait and see @admiralackbar,yeah but it does slow down functioning of braincells and how do u knw all this,experience?research?saw someone?im pretty sure u can get of the couch and jump off a cliff seen footage on wildest tv moments and crime and investigations ps admiralackbar you can get various cancers
By HATEROFJBNSIMONCOWEL on November 08, 2011

hey Jim i really wish that you would make new characters for Happy Wheels and by the way , T have been telling peope about this website and Happy Wheels so your welcome. :)
By Drakeso on November 08, 2011

so whens next update?
By blacky234 on November 08, 2011

hay jim why is your happy wheels game so lagy?
By Psycopath48 on November 07, 2011

uhhh thanks pennywise i guess. but you still scare the living shit out of me
By PENNYWISE THE CLOWN on November 07, 2011

By Whoopsht on November 07, 2011

Hey, im just saying its a bad idea. In the city.
By D Jay on November 07, 2011

whoopsht smoking weed destroys braincells lack of brain cells equals stupidy,stupidy equals death,death equals me dancing on your grave and i cant dance psycopath48 i would join your group if u change the name to sumthing lyk insanely awesome wheeles or what ever and modernwarfare duz suck bt stil better than battle field and im not experiencing inbox bug mayb sum1 hackd my profile ps y did they hav to end zombie mode on call of duty why now its that shitty looking special ops thing but im stil buying it...oh i was kidding about LEW.
By ACHIEVERjunior on November 07, 2011

D JAY, what do yo mean by "abuse the cannons"??? whoopsht, way TOO scary, and tempayr,WAAAAY TOO LATE! and ya know what I really hate? internet fags who think there better than everyone else!*cough* Psycopath48*cough*D JAY*cough*
By crazycamkicker on November 07, 2011

jim how old are you? and the updates are awesome man! how old are you and whats your favourite food?
By Templayr on November 07, 2011

Happy Late Birthday!
By Whoopsht on November 07, 2011

You know what i hate? Internet faggots that talk shit to each other. Nobody wins, you all just look like dumbasses. In other news, never get high in New York City. Way to scary.
By Psycopath48 on November 06, 2011

@djaywalker i will join you LEW group if you join my MCW group(mentally challenged wheelers)i will make when the forums are up. btw MODERN WARFARE SUCKS BLACK HAIRY BALLS!?!? get battlefield