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By Happy Wheels on July 29, 2011

So I have a pretty good update ready, but I am waiting for my site to be upgraded before releasing it. It's a major bummer to release a preview video, only to have people arrive at to a broken site. I was hoping to have this done earlier in the week, but I've had several issues with my hosting. If I didn't own the servers I'm using, I would more willingly move to a new host. In any case, an additional server is finally ready to be used. We will soon shut down the site temporarily and transfer all our crap. Hopefully that will be in the next few hours.

Thanks to everyone for being patient in dealing with my shitty site problems and not entirely abandoning the game.

Here's a video of the upcoming item.
By theshywillraindeath on January 09, 2012

dat cool
By D Jay on October 31, 2011

my right thumb is called lefty
By Gilly106 on October 31, 2011

my little one
By D Jay on October 18, 2011

Banana...I eat Banana
By ibelcher on October 17, 2011

i do not like texas it is stopid[u][/u][b][/b][i][/i][b][/b][b][/b][b][/b][b][/b]
By Nitrotransmitter on October 02, 2011

Hi, when I group stuff, the screen goes grey and I cant chose or add any other stuff to the level I'm making why is that?
By valDonut on October 01, 2011

suck vagina for life
By CALLUMOFAWSOMENESS on September 15, 2011

By mackentire on August 31, 2011

[b][/b]hay butts
By dinocro on August 27, 2011

[u][/u]space ship gahaga
By fAGmag64 on August 19, 2011

i hope he puts on my idea
By agentmario on August 08, 2011

By utapskie on August 08, 2011

By fAGmag64 on August 04, 2011

dear Jim you should make a space ship
By marke on August 04, 2011

By wachaoo on August 03, 2011

This new server isnt working you worked all that hard to do this but still didnt work cant use search bar and headache puppy is coming up more then usualy i feel bad for yah jim
By sully1337 on August 02, 2011

Dear Jim(and/or whoever comes up with the item thingys XD), You have the most creativest mind ever! I play happy wheels whenever I get on my computer. Your game is one of the bestest games everssssss!!!! biggest fan evar, sully
By irondevil99 on August 02, 2011

happy wheels is going to change i say with those jets be prapared for no moving levels new jb levels and aw levels
By mrpurple on August 02, 2011

@6daylater there is a fat guy on a lawnmower
By maffi9 on August 02, 2011

looks wicked man
By Fabeos2FAST4U on August 02, 2011

hey i got a question how do u refresh ur cache
By mik9090 on August 02, 2011

35! man that was cool
By shotty158 on August 02, 2011

man that video was kool cnt wait for it to come out
By Eric6998 on July 29, 2011

awesome jim u are the best kthxbai ^-^
By robinn on July 29, 2011

the jet engine will be amazing to pin people
By Mystic on July 29, 2011

Holy shi- this looks so amazing
By Whoopsht on July 29, 2011

Guaranteed, people are going to complain when the site goes down for server fixes.
By HPIronman on July 29, 2011

By ExpertHappyTutors on July 29, 2011

yay next few hours im goin to bed
By breaksk8te on July 29, 2011

i hate headache puppy too but dont shutdoun the website
By mickybeef on July 29, 2011

By bshenkd on July 29, 2011

This new item brings so many possibilities, I can't wait to try it out.
By CHUCKY222 on July 29, 2011

hi jim
By Altair1 on July 29, 2011

By K9 on July 29, 2011

By MYMOM234 on July 29, 2011

Aw, this will be awesome. Thanks jim.
By 6daylater on July 29, 2011

I understand the demand for new characters and level settings are high, and that you are probably getting tons of messages like this a day. I also understand the game programming proccess as well, and what it takes to satisfy people. But I do have a few suggestions for characters and level settings. Character: 1. A hobo in a shopping cart 2. Santa on his sleigh 3. a nerd on a moped 4. A girl in a wagon 5. A cowboy on a horse 6. A person in a hamster ball 7. A clown running on a ball 8. A kid on roller blades pulled by a dog 9. A fat guy in an office chair 10. A fat guy on a lawn mower Level Settings: 1. Zero Gravity 2. Optional Dimesions 3. Slow Motion 4. Breakable Glass 5. More building types 6. Explodable Cars 7. Water 8. Turrain Builder 9. Fire 10. More block peices So once again I understand the game making proccess and I know that a bunch of people are expecting things right now. But I'm sure if you take most of the suggestions people would be very satified.
By LuckyBeijing on July 29, 2011

19th!!! yay
By kkelley91798 on July 29, 2011

@xXAPPL3K1DXx so jim sucked his own cock? damn thats hardcore.... also awesome update it looks sweet and i can see alot of new flying levels coming out to hope the features for it are good!
By MetallicDoom15 on July 29, 2011

nice jets.
By TheOrdinaryOne on July 29, 2011

Never mind just watched the video good luck with the servers
By tyu12 on July 29, 2011

Cant want for the update Jim and thanks
By MetallicDoom15 on July 29, 2011

nice jets.
By MrR on July 29, 2011

I hope the new server works better..
By vikk199 on July 29, 2011

that sound pretty awesome i will watch the video
By KarTen10 on July 29, 2011

Headache puppy is sooooooo CUTE! but i hate him...
By Caligula668 on July 29, 2011

We could use them for elevators, and a lot of other things, autta really save on shape limit
By xXAPPL3K1DXx on July 29, 2011

the song like a boss is about you jim JIM IS LIKE A BOSS
By TheOrdinaryOne on July 29, 2011

will you be able to 'Joint' them?
By airsofter34 on July 29, 2011

oh the shenanigans that will ensue. question, can you adjust the power and how do they compare to the speed of the homing mines?
By kdog50 on July 29, 2011

i hate the headache puppy
By ivanskaterxD5 on July 29, 2011

Yeah I hope the new server is up today... I hate headache puppy... that bastard...
By alexrocks on July 29, 2011

ya i hate them too. But im not going to watch the video. Just so it stays a suprise to me.
By Csipike on July 29, 2011

By alexrocks on July 29, 2011

ya i hate them too. But im not going to watch the video. Just so it stays a suprise to me.
By wafercrisp on May 28, 2011

I hate those people and their goddamn "first" comments. Since when is being the first to post on something like this a fucking achievement?