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By Happy Wheels on May 31, 2011

Hello everyone. I was a bit lazy this past week, but here is some news.

If you hadn't noticed yet, a new character was added to the game. He rides a lawnmower. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, although I really need to get some new voices. The next few characters will most likely not be as gruesome.

With the new character came a lot more traffic, and the site has been performing pretty shitty again during peak hours. I'm pretty tired of that happening, so I will be purchasing a second server. However, I need to find help with load balancing and all this other crap I've never done. In the meantime, I've disabled search. It's very inefficient, and was a big cause of the site problems. It will be back up as soon as resources are a bit better.

At some point today I will put up a small update. There are some bug fixes for the lawnmower man. There shouldn't be any more disappearing body parts or green boxes. The lawnmower itself was also nearly indestructible (I forgot to set that to normal again), so that will be fixed. Shapes can now also be entirely invisible, and you can set them with certain collision values. This should make it a lot easier to make moving puppets of characters and stuff like that. If my priorities are poor, I will spend time making an example.
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By totaljerkface1298 on February 01, 2014

will you make pogo stick man or irsposible mum heliman explorer guy santa with elfs no wheels
By totaljerkface1298 on February 01, 2014

will you make pogo stick man or irsposible mum heliman explorer guy santa with elfs no wheels
By totaljerkface1298 on February 01, 2014

will you make pogo stick man or irsposible mum heliman explorer guy santa with elfs no wheels
By totaljerkface1298 on February 01, 2014

will you make pogo stick man or irsposible mum heliman explorer guy santa with elfs no wheels
By STEPHANO12345 on July 17, 2012

How do you make running NPCs stop when killed????? Please help me!
By mississippi state on April 06, 2012

I think happy wheels is the best fucken game ever in bitches lives
By colonel Ford on August 24, 2011

I can't belive there are so many idiots on here! Suggesting characters after one has JUST been realeased! There really is no point in making a character then because as soon as Jim makes one, there are more lame ass beggers. Idiots
By assinator26 on August 07, 2011

Awesome I was waiting for a guy like that, you should make a kid riding a tricycle A kid with Brown Hair,Red Shirt,Blue Shorts,And A Green Helmet. (ORANGE Tricycle), And Make People Break Their bones, One More New Character You Should Make A Saw Character Riding A Tricycle :)
By DYLAN THE VILLAN Aza on August 06, 2011

YO JIM!!!! I know,the lawnmower guy is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!:P So r u thinking of anything else to make???Heres an idea for a character:an overgrown skatboarding guy!Like my idea?????Heres an object idea:a book shelf. thnx for makin' happy wheels! xoxoxoxxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxx
By aij088 on August 05, 2011

i was in the middle of a level and the site crashed its bs
By daily bugle on August 04, 2011

you is suck is very suck hhm
By bethy2001 on July 17, 2011

[b][/b]hi you all ok today wuut and thats all xx bye[b]
By egresados 11 on July 16, 2011

jim i thinka new character a hippie in a golf car that it had nitrous and harpons in the front an irresponsable mum in a atv you think the powers
By 89ryan on July 15, 2011

Jim add a new character i think you should its a alien with a ufo and it kills every thing in its way
By kaione on July 14, 2011

1.43 what have the new update
By billywithatenfootwil on July 12, 2011

monster truck with tramp inside
By harley123121 on July 08, 2011

make a nija
By JihadElhilali on July 06, 2011

I know how to let that man who is in up to puke, feed him 3 times
By Stepper321 on July 05, 2011

.... Its flash for the game... Java fuckin sucks
By King_Of_Destiny on July 05, 2011

Kizzadude i beleive the progtrams are dreamweaver for the site and java for the game
By Kizzadude12 on July 05, 2011

what program do you use to make the game? could you tell me plz
By stefanthebest10 on July 05, 2011

By jorgen1500 on July 05, 2011

write something new for god sake jim bonacci
By DAME on July 04, 2011

Everyone who is making the goddamn requests should Shut the fuck up right now.Stop rushing it won't do any good.
By wade422705 on July 04, 2011

holy fuck do a goddamm update
By killa of the jb on July 04, 2011

dude hurry up and update
By Big Gay Al on July 04, 2011

make a dude in a convertable
By renaldo on July 04, 2011

maby you can make the next time one whit a go kart :P
By alex21awesome on July 04, 2011

love lawn mower but can u add a monkey with a bananna
By nolan 0222 on July 03, 2011

By orokirn on July 03, 2011

you should make a knight on a horse and his special ability can be him swinging a sword
By BRANDON3121 on July 03, 2011

hey give us an idea of wat the next characters shoud look like
By wadawut on July 03, 2011

Nice! A second server is just what this site needs! I hope you find someone to help you, And by the way the lawn mower dude is awesome lol.
By Underdog9998 on July 03, 2011

how do i delete stuff when im making a lvl plz reply
By HalonSystemDischarge on July 03, 2011

Whi is everyone posting what number their comments are in the line?
By grindehvalen on July 03, 2011

53rd cool character jim but fuck you crazy old jerkface
By HappyBlox on July 03, 2011

You know how you can get your website (Mostly Happy Wheels)? Ban Mochi Media (They Suck) and get rid of the talking self-portrait at the top. it causes lag and errors. mostly the gothinc one, the wisard one, and the riped-off face one. PLEASE make ur website work I love Happywheels and your the only website who has the full version! :( also can u make an E.T. charachter on happy wheels (that you can play as) that can fly?
By Dogpup4 on July 03, 2011

I'm normally someone who defends Jim when people say this, but seriously you could at least just give us one little news post to clarify your existance.
By Stoneboy on July 03, 2011

We need a skaterboy, like a teenager
By matsterm on July 03, 2011

hey i could use some help making things move on they're own on a level so if anyone can make a youtube vid as a tutorial pm me
By devilhunter2000 on July 03, 2011

Happy wheels is now sad wheels
By Penisberg on July 02, 2011

Hey Jim hope you read this your site is great and just a suggestion here search up trololololol444 and see his character toon its really cool I think you should put it in.
By totalsarah on July 02, 2011

better stop everybody with suggestions to be glad that Jim has a cool character he has created.. You are GREAT JIM... tnx for the character!!!
By dachi95 on July 02, 2011

jimm can make a naked characters ok?
By devilhunter2000 on July 02, 2011

i emailed jim to tell him to make ikt possible to import pics into level. (THIS IS MY IDEA IF ANYONE STEALS IT I WILL SUE)
By colonel Ford on July 02, 2011

well while were at it.... Play my level, called Dead marshes,its pretty cool spent like 3 days on it and its worth playing,dont forget to rate if you do play it,or save as many replays as you can
By 1234567bigc on July 01, 2011

plz let us search again
By SUPERGUYDUDE500 on July 01, 2011

any homies here?
By Travisbarlow19952 on July 01, 2011

Darmadoo, theyre making suggestions, so shut the fuck up you prick.
By TheGreatPurpleLemon on July 01, 2011

A kid in a bumper car would be good. Also some new hazards and maybe a couple of readymade ramps and loops.
By darmadoo on July 01, 2011

stop acting like you know this guy personally and kissing his ass its annoying. p.s. this game is fun.
By master78 on July 01, 2011

mack a runing dud pls jim pls jim
By devilhunter2000 on July 01, 2011

Me like weekly update he is hopefully making a new character its been so long since i could love a up(date)
By M_Nation on June 30, 2011

Jim.. we miss your voice.. err I mean text.. Please, bless us with your word!
By basher on June 30, 2011

hey every one Jim and Jason are doing the best they can you idiots making a website is hard so you all stop asking them for stuff!!!
By jkcs on June 30, 2011

I dont think anyone is seeing this so the lawnmower dude looks like ass crack
By wade123 on June 30, 2011

dude what the f*ck you said weekly update not monthly
By leva100 on June 30, 2011

hello jim do you want to update your status or something so these dicks will shut the fuck up thx me
By NateSlate98 on June 29, 2011

your the one who waits around all day wating for an update so stop complaning
By devilhunter2000 on June 29, 2011

By Travisbarlow19952 on June 29, 2011

Soooooo JIM, to state a fact here, youve been a bit lazy, for more than a month... Seriously? Daily Updates? We've yet to see an update in over a month... FIX this jim.
By darmadoo on June 29, 2011

he obviously doesnt care about this game anymore. give it up. a professional would keep his fans updated.
By devilhunter2000 on June 29, 2011

Happy wheels wiki yay