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By Happy Wheels on May 13, 2011


Thanks to the very helpful Tom Fulp, there are now some shirts for sale on You can buy one here. I believe the there are only around 75 or so in the initial batch, so buy one before your awful, jealous friends do.

Please don't revolt, but the new character is not yet ready. It's pretty close though, and it's probably the most upsetting thing I've made. I've just gotta add in sounds and a few details. There is another minor update though with some street signs that will most likely be up today. We'll try to make updates weekly (no matter how small).
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By neyeci7410 on November 07, 2019

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By MYMOM234 on March 13, 2014

For now, here's my goodbye in stunning comic sans!
By karen is the best on July 24, 2011

Im loving the new maps thanks!
By bungholey on July 22, 2011

By riley9000 on July 19, 2011

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By BizarreClown on July 17, 2011

By Lewis3000 on June 30, 2011

can someone tell me how to grap object for swinging on ropes caz it dosnt work for me!!!
By coolcat1201 on June 23, 2011

file:///C:/Users/Wayne/Desktop/Ben%20zombie.jpg Make a new character!!!!!(happy wheels!)
By GOHST179 on June 22, 2011

dear jim please put a object down loader so people can download your stuff and not steal your level or be able to make a permanent mark on your stuff please people are taking my stuff i made importable guns and people keep steeling them and saying they made it
By cek on June 21, 2011

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :)
By cschmitt on June 19, 2011

By sensen456 on June 18, 2011

Great site make more games
By jackass173 on June 10, 2011

it should be a type of demond or something:):):):O):
By Mikkel9397 on June 05, 2011

By doh on June 05, 2011

Hello!I`m from russia %)
By spike 603 on June 02, 2011

hay it will be so cool if he did a golf cart persen LOL
By Douglass Cooper on May 31, 2011

It's already here.
By pretty5676 on May 31, 2011

haha i really want the new charecter to come HURRYUP hehe :):)
By Douglass Cooper on May 31, 2011

Haven't been here in a long time so uh......does my legion of fans miss me?
By John Hunter on May 31, 2011

You should make fire, and have a flamethrower character, also you should make the wheelchair dude's chair set things alight with the jet
By Diberardino on May 31, 2011

hey everybody i had this great idea of making a charecter with a pogostick and it spacebar option is bounce higher
By pauldrengaytano on May 30, 2011

Hey you guys stop making more requests to Jim
By chaosmaker4 on May 30, 2011

make a new fucking update[LIST] [*] [/LIST][LIST] [*] [/LIST][LIST] [*] [/LIST][code][/code][b][/b][i][/i][u][/u]
By green bay pac on May 30, 2011

hey it wont let me do anymore WWE levels i dont know if its my computer or what but yea it wont let me.
By boredinschool on May 30, 2011

forget glorious shirt day, its now gunna be glorious shirt month
By hellabeluzia on May 30, 2011

The new character has been done for a long time, shouldnt you update the post???
By tycfc on May 30, 2011

Dudes, he made a character. He's only fucking human...
By soccerdudex50 on May 29, 2011

you need to make a whole lot of new leveels and characters really. Its getting boring of, Same old same old.
By erikassxx on May 29, 2011

when you will make game with fire?
By 1330emo on May 29, 2011

hey so some ideas for characters a little kid on a scooter with the jet like wheel chair guy and wat about a person on roller blades pushing a stroller with a baby and when you ejcet the baby it explodes haha any way yay new character or a redneck on an atv lol go jim and keep up the good work
By trotterski on May 29, 2011

Why are you assholes already begging for more characters?
By propker360 on May 28, 2011

By skull10cosmos on May 28, 2011

make more new characters like these: kid on a skate board:abillity:jump high,an alien in a minnie cart:abillity:jump high,a horror like,freddy,jason,ghost face(scream),chucky,and other horrors ppl like us know about on a minnie motercicle this game is epic and ill prob buy a shirt!!!!!!
By jack556 on May 28, 2011

hello i was wondering if there could be a person that is on a skate board and could walk when you press z and you have the skate board whereever you go prees z againb to get on skate board
By juul414 on May 28, 2011

please jim do something on that level search! and please more posts XD
By u turd on May 27, 2011

when i search something it goes to happy green hills instead of what i was searching! Example i typed in rope swings and it went to happy green hills! '
By HappyWheelsManiac37 on May 27, 2011

My classmates used to be addicted to this but they soon gave up on it because they said it was boring. We need to convince more people that happy wheels is epic!!!
By devilhunter2000 on May 27, 2011

i want a post about the lawnmower guy
By What the fuck on May 26, 2011

By jakersnaker on May 26, 2011

im new i just want to say this game is beastly :)
By joshyniss on May 26, 2011

I want there to be a girl character that IS'NT FAT and you CAN CONTROL, they're should be a segway girl or irresponsible mom.
By Fenix Master117 on May 25, 2011

can you plz fix the search glitch
By memailforyou on May 25, 2011

who is the new charecter is skater boy irresponsible mom skater girl or hummve dude?
By itoy021 on May 25, 2011

Why when i search levels it doesnt work only the map Happy Green Hills appear??.. can you fix it??
By larrygreen123 on May 24, 2011

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By soul taker 12330 on May 24, 2011

need more good maps plz[i][/i][b][/b][i][/i][u][/u]
By ford mustang64 on May 24, 2011

well i cant play because evrytime i hit to play something it goes back to the main screen please fix this problem
By Blade Kaboom on May 24, 2011

If you want a bug to fix then try fixing the searches.I cant search any thing or it comes up as Happy Green Hills by Jim Bonacci.Please help me out im on this playing every day!
By playboyxbox on May 24, 2011

pleace do a new character
By kaspixx on May 24, 2011

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By francisdwine123 on May 24, 2011

I wish a new character would come and his vehicle is a pizza delivery motor and the ability is shoot cannons at his pizza delivery box.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Dayzy on May 24, 2011

[b]Yay. I ordered a shirt![/b]
By funfun123 on May 23, 2011

You should make it like so i can walk on the game that would be fun(:
By shedbonce97 on May 23, 2011

haha, im loving the photos you took for the shirt. very creative! :D
By trogd0r10 on May 23, 2011

By warduf on May 23, 2011

lawn mowerman sucks so do you
By maniacmaster on May 23, 2011

cool t shirt
By cameron jack on May 23, 2011

By she is a bastard on May 22, 2011

lol yay a lawmmower guy
By darkdreamr on May 22, 2011

i think it would be cool if there could be a grinder like object for the levels that acts like the bottom of the lawnmower. or the ability to place lawnmowers in the levels independantly. i think it would be awesome to have a final trap that drops your character into a final grinding death.. and watching them slowly decend
By tycfc on May 22, 2011

By maulman on May 22, 2011

cmon, cmon, i want the new character!
By happyhappy7 on May 22, 2011

i am a noob
By Reward on May 22, 2011

jim i'd like to inform you if you do not already know...with the new lawnmower man if you get eaten by your own lawnmower then restart the level a body part will be missing on the there will be a green box under the lawnmower censoring the blades D:
By Mabie on May 21, 2011

@ yourmom666 & PAULbloodSHART: Fuck you, dickheads!