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By Happy Wheels on March 15, 2011

So I have to delay working on any new content for the game so I can deal with exciting security issues. Since adding in the import level xml functionality, people have developed methods to go about stealing levels. People had figured out how to do it before, but it seems to be common knowledge now. Tools have even been developed to assist in this sort of thing. Thanks a lot, shitheads (those of you in particular).

Is there a point to stealing other peoples' work? Is it somehow rewarding to have a decently rated level that you had no part in making yourself? It's not like you are earning money. All you are doing is harming the community you're trying to participate in, as well as preventing me (the only person working on the game) from adding new content. If you don't partake in this sort of thing (hopefully the majority of you), I love you.

On a happier note, traffic has gone up again to how it was in December due to performance fixes. I actually thought and expected the game to be in decline since then, but this past weekend the site had the most visitors ever. There is still a bit more to be done, as the site was occasionally struggling. This was great news for me though, and I am a bit more confident that Happy Wheels will stay popular for quite some time. Thanks so much to everyone for participating (even those of you ruining everything to some degree).


- Please stop making Justin Bieber levels. I understand that nobody likes him; please stop introducing him into my life.

- Was the movie Saw really that popular?

- I'm still waiting to hear back about T-shirts.

- I ate tortilla chips for lunch
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By leforey516 on November 08, 2019

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By That_Jdm_Guy_ on October 08, 2016

Damn, I'm just tryna look at some original car builds, but no. We're gonna copy paste f***ing ferraris in every dang level I load up pretty much.
By SnackAttack321 on May 23, 2012

How do you delete levels PLease help my m;levels suck an im trying to delete them
By phantom1324 on March 26, 2012

u erase it by clicking it
By nerfsquadnickpro on November 11, 2011

By endri on July 04, 2011

By 1ChampE on June 23, 2011

Happy wheels is the bomb
By marco1231 on June 21, 2011

By lovstospooge1 on June 20, 2011

How bout Santa claw's on a sled with reandeer
By colonel Ford on June 20, 2011

beast boy shut up bet half the levels you had were shit
By Gubby007 on June 17, 2011

no i go trough met kill JB levels.
By BEASTBOY222 on June 15, 2011

that retard jim bonacci deleted my tracks i had 75 now i have 21 this websites retarded and it has too many errors i hope the internet shuts you down you losers[b][/b]
By TijnDN on June 13, 2011

how do you delete items from happy wheels?
By jayzals on June 09, 2011

By sasquace123 on June 07, 2011

okaii you accualy had tortilla chip for luch? no salsa no quseo just the chips? REALLY BLAND dude ill mke u a samich! =)[b][/b][i][/i][u][/u]
By abattientee on June 07, 2011

By Rizzi on June 07, 2011

There are still some people that do Bieber levels :(
By Speedkiller23 on June 05, 2011

Make more people and gore games
By urmomsuckssacks on June 04, 2011

hi hahahahahahahaha lolololololol geuss what.....................................................i like peanut butter
By leemlunsford on June 04, 2011

yea....and can someone tell me how everyone make the people stick togetor??
By rocketboy55 on June 04, 2011

what the fuck the trolls got look!!!!
By NonYa on June 03, 2011

By destored12345678910 on June 03, 2011

hey i don't know if it is the amonant of people on the game or what but i cant play the game at all. the bar thing just starts at 9 and does not go up. what should i do? please write back to me at [email protected] thankyou
By Zombu22 on June 02, 2011

i am really starting to hate this game... i cant even play! whats up with the adobe flash player?! it doesn't even work!!!!!!
By lee2000563 on June 02, 2011

:) it would be cool to get more new stuff like a fountin made of fire/water
By Kaiza93 on May 28, 2011

Please, like he said. Stop stealing other people's work and stop making it so he can't update the game. We should all just make up and go with whatever knowledge we got our self's. I'm sorry for those of you that have got your level's stolen, hopefully it will be patched soon. -Kaiza93
By austin60 on May 24, 2011

hello i hate the ppl who hack levels the hackers can just go fuck them selves or somthing i also i like the kill mj and justin biever cuz hes gay and probly has aids well thank you for lisining jim and if mj ghost is reading this go fuck yourself instead of raping kids
By guppersen on May 24, 2011

Dude every1 luv justin beiber hes cute~!
By Rocksler on May 16, 2011

Dang it! Now I want tortilla chips @[email protected]
By Picca on May 15, 2011

Well.... I had Ramen noodles for lunch! BEAT THAT!
By dirtmonkey199 on May 07, 2011

sup people
By mankiller on May 07, 2011

people are still makeing justin beiber and saw levels p.s. i love torell chips
By HM nr2 on May 06, 2011

Jim if you make some t-shirts i will definitely buy it!!! =D
By cheese guy 55 on May 02, 2011

By Tontsa on May 01, 2011

yep but its somethimes stupid :/
By twyzted dude on April 29, 2011

hmm.just an idea jim.maybe sometime later u could make a zero grav.option haha
By rageman75 on April 28, 2011

By ticefred on April 27, 2011

i was wondering how you delete things i tried but i cant delete anything?and also Ive wondered how to make circles move like car wheels i tried but i didn't move?And why do people keep making levels that say kill jb its annoying.And i cant get over wondering how there are cars in levels and how people get new hazards i don't get it.And i tried to finish the pokemon battle on play i did finish it but it was very hard and i had no legs in the end.And last thing of all i was wondering how people got big moving kids or the man in the wheelchair.
By Tom9971 on April 24, 2011

fuc* u asshole /\
By jackrulez64 on April 21, 2011

go tortilla chips! :p *yum*
By CoolBreeze on April 20, 2011

I hate him, but I agree; SHUT UP ABOUT JB LEVELS!
By ericgarciadaman on April 18, 2011

I HERE U BRO.its inooying how people keep putting justin bieber!
By Penisberg on April 18, 2011

Why would ppl want to make kill jb levels i'm gay and i love him nowt wrong wiv gays u retarded bunch of ppl who hate jb
By paulo34890 on April 16, 2011

[LIST] [*] [/LIST]
By leoblue on April 14, 2011

what the fuck are you talking about
By Duke Rusty on April 13, 2011

Traffic would be higher if i could use a circumventor (like to play it during school
By xtra on April 09, 2011

Im sorry... I stole some level but when I read this I delete tha level in instant. Me too stole my level and named it "BEST" :D Im sorry that user wgho I stole that level and renamed it... P.S. Dont ban me please... :/
By mryomum on April 08, 2011

make a charecter of a hell tough guy on a pink bike
By martwaza on April 08, 2011

i want the cola and the other stuff of the fat lady in the editor that would be great thanks alot
By Oldpouto on April 08, 2011

WTF Jim? I mean it's been what now? a week and still no news of you since the glass update! What are you working on? What are your plans? What's going on with that issue about level stealing? What should I wear? Red or blue shirt?
By egbballbeast89 on April 07, 2011

from the beginning of the time i started playing on this website i noticed a lot of people that have trilogies or sequels so my idea to you jim is to make it somewhat possible to have people post level packs instead of single levels (like three at most)i am the kid making weather simulator and i thought it would be more helpful if i could post level packs and also people if you make a level and its all that retarted blue color you obviouslyy did not put a lot of effort into it because i speak for everyone when i say its the most retarted thing to die right when you spawn or its like one jump and that level is called super action packed and vote 5 stars for another retarted sequel like c'mon guys and so about those level packs im just sayin it might be easier then to have like a two week wait in between the next level in your series so you can just post them all at once so thats what i have to say :)
By tycfc on April 07, 2011

Jim, have you forsaken us?
By Xx Y0ur x F473 xX on April 07, 2011

yea im with him i think the justin bieber levels are kinda getting fuckin retarded
By quicks1 on April 07, 2011

By destroyer6171 on April 07, 2011

By root1703 on April 07, 2011

we wont stop making saw and Justin bieber levels and yes saw is that popular acctualy thats why theres been 7 movies dah
By santimaxer on April 06, 2011

u can put weps for the characters when they go off the vehicle
By Funnynanners on April 06, 2011

dude i totaly agree but i would say that that would go best for the fat woman hahaha also make it so we can run.!!!!!!1
By Billyizawsome on April 06, 2011

By faustas00 on April 06, 2011

i wish there be fire in happy wheels cuz i want to make cooler levels... Ans some cars that is finished.
By Berina on April 06, 2011

i cant make levels they never show up when i save them
By axemurder on April 06, 2011

jim u rock dont got rly more to say... u just rule
By tomsanders on April 06, 2011

Go Jim!?><:@~{}_+)(*
By lsanc on April 05, 2011

f*&%#$ yeah
By JuJuBeans on April 05, 2011

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