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By Happy Wheels on January 14, 2011

Uh, hey. In a less spectacular update, I have uploaded a few small changes. You can now add text in the editor. Currently the only fonts available are the ones that were already used in the game. Shapes now have a smaller minimum size, so things can be a tad more detailed. You can also change their level of transparency. Mixed with the "foreground" option you should be able to make some cool stuff. Don't overdo it too much... text and transparency both render slower than normal stuff.

I'm also happy to announce that Physx is the first official site moderator. There should be less spam, as I sure wasn't deleting it all myself. I chose him because he asked, and was never a dick in the forums, and is more than half of my age.

I also promised I'd link to this chatroom. Some friendly popular users show up there. I was there once. Nobody believed it was me until I showed them this old fighting game I was making. Fake me shows up there a lot.

The next thing I will do is design a goddamn T-shirt. Then I would like to add non-playable characters into the level editor. In my head, I think they would work out really well.

In other news, I saw this gif the other day and I was in tears for minutes on multiple occasions. I must have watched it 200 times by now. Why was this man so confident until impact? How did a man of this age survive this long with that particular mindset?
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By Wheels are happy on June 02, 2011

Hey Jim is that ur picture in the top left corner?
By susiem4 on April 18, 2011

laugh it is random i never actually read that thing . . . HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :D :) :~ ;) susiem4/Susie
By SARANDA on March 25, 2011

By kooshnet on March 15, 2011

how do make the maps
By daltontrahan11 on March 07, 2011

We need to have new charictors like a kid in a wagon that can steer it, and a fat guy on a skateboard....
By bob coolness on February 24, 2011

By cvxman21 on February 19, 2011

By supaman1 on February 13, 2011

you should make a character with luke skywalkier on a bike with yoda on his back!
By morbid life666 on February 13, 2011

Jim you should ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!
By death slayer on February 10, 2011

jim you should add a player like a teen person on a quad. that would be awesome!
By blake19 on February 08, 2011

Could you add more games plz =)
By shoboy14 on February 07, 2011

when is this all gonna happen its only been text i think[img]google[/img]
By MIK 1998 on February 03, 2011

Could someone help me!How do I delete some of my levels in happy wheels?
By Joe Peak on February 01, 2011

By georgealex on February 01, 2011

By FunkyMe on February 01, 2011

You should make a character that is man or woman in a kind of car its easy to smash! That would be so funny :D
By Oberits64 on January 31, 2011

I would like to be a Moderator, because I can actually spell correctly, I wouldn't abuse powers or anything, and I can find spam. Mmmm... Spam...
By kiery on January 31, 2011

jim, lovin the new lvl by IAMURHUSBAND.
By mikemor on January 30, 2011

how about a new chaitcer a swat man driveing a car and with a gun mount
By bobzilla on January 29, 2011

I know you are doing really well already, but I think a really good suggestion would be an online multiplayer mode, where you can race, live, with other people.
By minimakini on January 29, 2011

can u make a new character soon? because i think happy wheels would be MUTCH more fun
By Hjorten on January 29, 2011

Jim...... You need more programmers and designers. you can't do it all alone. you need someone who can make new charecters and someone who can make all those other things.... im just saying More people will speed up the process.
By tyler2000 on January 29, 2011

you should make a new character.Like a bunch of clowns on a unicycle
By zion on January 28, 2011

By TheNutCracker99 on January 28, 2011

just a idea but would u be able to make a wall that moves in n squishes or something like that because u cant do that with motors i dont thik
By colby8999 on January 28, 2011

add some saws
By joseph123 on January 28, 2011

[code][/code]uhm lol ive made a few good levels too 1 of them was 250 timis played in the time i played it myself so uh can you please put that in the play now list the name of the game is haunted volcano dash actualy its volcano dash but i updated it so uh yeah can u please put it in the list?
By kadey41 on January 28, 2011

can ibe a moderater please jim i paythis game for at least 5 hours a day i love it and do you pick the fetured levels? and i have never spammed i barely no wat it means lol
By Aeronous7777 on January 28, 2011

How about something to cut you, like as in the spikes skewer you, but something like an axe which cuts off an arm or a leg when you go through it at speed but it doesn't touch your vehicle? Perhaps have a randomizer so it could cut off your head if you are unlucky? Also I'm going to reccomend your game to a bunch of PC magazines, PCGamer, Edge, PCPP, if you don't mind. If you make a downloadble version that was more powerful, such as a higher shape limit and bigger maps then you could charge me ten quid for that and I'd happily pay you for it. I think a lot of others would too. Just a question, it doesn't look like you check the forums, but how much money has been donated to you? EVERYONE READING THIS WHO HAS NOT DONATED DONATE $5 NOW AND HE'LL BE $25,000 RICHER!
By georgealex on January 27, 2011

holy shitz this is goddam cool
By xennon on January 27, 2011

dude i need help how do yuo make foreground change
By yonicohen73 on January 27, 2011

add a witch on a broomstick with boost, a guy on crutches with jump, some kind of mom and daughter, add an electric zapper or laser hazard that goes on and off every 5 seconds, maybe a gun with a bad sensor which randomly shoots inaccurately, or add maybe a kid in a little go-kart like the moped couple, a guy with booster roller blades, I've got so many ideas pls add at least 1 jim!
By Diggitydawg on January 27, 2011

You should make a new person, it should be the guy from divine intervention and he should be riding a skateboard or a scooter!
By jamesA3537 on January 27, 2011

hey mate just saying could you plese tell me your ideas of new charaters
By zion on January 27, 2011

By lilStretch on January 26, 2011

By Serrated_Edge on January 26, 2011

can u make a character with a skateboard?! if you can please do cuz i really love skateboarding :DD
By Eriksonslittlehelper on January 25, 2011

Perhaps add a zombie that will try to kill the main character!
By JerkoffFace on January 25, 2011

[quote]Your name is Jim Bocinni or some crap like that right?[/quote] Correction: Jim Bonacci I think. :P Love the less spectacular but still amazing update, Jim.
By lokim on January 25, 2011

make a new charackter liike a man in a shopping cart xD
By themasterlvl2314 on January 25, 2011

I have a good idea for a new character a clonw in a tricicle
By AcelikesTTLJerkFace on January 24, 2011

Hey has the site been having some problems? Hahah This is the first time I have been able to get on for a couple days...and also I would recommend that you put the newest comments visible first..instead of the oldest ones on the first would make a lot more sense...and also...Did you get a lot of the character sounds from Assassins Creed 2? I watched a video for it last night and I recognized a few that you use in here. Anyways I like the game a lot since I started playing it months ago and it was fun to make an account pretty recently...I think as awesome and revolutionary as it is it has loads of room for improvement..a couple of things i'd like to see is improved ragdoll control and the harpoons being as accurate as you make them and easier to break off. Thanks! Your name is Jim Bocinni or some crap like that right? haha cya =)
By Ejvind on January 23, 2011

That gif was so touching.. What happened to the man afterwards? What happened to the mud? How does his behaviour afterward truly affect us? Oh, we must know..
By maryjane on January 23, 2011

Hey, have you ever seen titanic? Well, maybe for an extra cool level, you could do the sceen where the ship is sinking. Just an idea lots of people here in indiana would love for you to do. P.S.We in indiana do love youre work.
By gujdon on January 23, 2011

i have invented a new character its an ailein an a flying saucer and the saucers will destroy and the alein will be on bike and can dei
By Cmontg on January 23, 2011

if only we can get rid of doolie
By Johnson_johnson on January 22, 2011

Hello, i would like to request that finish block you used on your hand-drawed level, it would be better than the finish line we current have, thank you
By manusia_b0d0h on January 22, 2011

new caracter again
By root1703 on January 22, 2011

haha now i can write stuff like crap and poo
By Udie on January 22, 2011

Argh, the chatroom is dieing... Nobody is in it. :/ sadface
By Rockjanjan414 on January 22, 2011

LOL i want NEW CHARACTERS! i wish helicopter or car or maby a plane
By sk8ernzc on January 22, 2011

By carl99 on January 22, 2011

yay for jim! (:
By stunter45 on January 22, 2011

hi Jim, ive got an idea for a new character in Happy Wheels. a stuntman in an cannon if you press space then you get fired. Jim i love your games!! and wil you make in the future an divine intervention 2? and for happy wheels this cant probably happen but. happy wheels online. plz reply from: Stunter45
By Ahmod11 on January 22, 2011

It's good to know that we can add text in our levels:)
By SuperZebra23 on January 22, 2011

Can you make it so that every level with a finish, you have to beat before publishing? ******************************************************************************************P***********L**************E******************A***************S*********************E*******************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**********************************************************************************************
By Nokikun on January 22, 2011

Can you PLEASE make a "undo" button in the level editor
By Rondawg97 on January 21, 2011

hay dude awsome work on makeing everything on this website,but theres one thing i was wandering could you make a new hazered that instintly kills you when you touch it no matter what,sorta like lava,you could make squars of lava that kill you when you touch them,and you control the size.that would be radical.
By airsofter34 on January 21, 2011

a slow firing brick cannon much like the harpoon gun would be cool. it can't kill you but it will slow you down and fires multiple tiny bricks or balls or something that pelt you like a barrage. i know non-lethal isnt really popular here but itd be nice to have something to slow you down, as opposed to only speed and death tools.
By jacob850 on January 21, 2011

I tride the chatroom and it is awsome i even have a login.:)
By Oldpouto on January 21, 2011

I can't wait for another update!! I wonder what it will be! I love surprises!
By Total Fartface on January 21, 2011

Hi Total Fartface here erm can u make it possibke that u could make a vehicle selector llike you could have weelchair guy on a segway an moped couple on on a bike? an make a HOVERCRAFT CHARACTER!!!
By falken4556 on January 21, 2011

hey jim i found out a thing if you press c when you are irresponsible dad you switch to the little kid :) please respond. Love the game btw
By Keneka on January 21, 2011

The update is spectacular for me!! :D
By deatheater on January 20, 2011

lol ig u like that gig u should go to senur