News Post
By Happy Wheels on September 26, 2010

Ok, new server is up and it appears as though things are running ok again.
By Yehia_ELADAWY on November 08, 2020

it tells me to click to use adobe then when i do it tells me plugin blocked
By LWPeterson on May 30, 2012

Why am I commenting on a news post with barely anything in that was released a little more than a year ago?
By phantom1324 on March 26, 2012

do u guys no of any updates that are going on cause if u do tell me please
By blood4eva on October 25, 2010

yeah baby all fuckin day
By kennethv15 on October 20, 2010

By killkilldead on October 17, 2010

can someone send me a meesage how to makea character coz i dont know how thnx
By raven2005 on October 16, 2010

hey whats up i am new
By paris2010 on October 07, 2010

hi everyone if u are on here shaun bewley tell ustudid yr 8 girlfreand sh eis going to get batted i hate u just like charis u are a a spas who has got adhd u little spactic u are a fucking nodhead
By Original_Gustav on October 06, 2010

Theres a problem.. I CANT PLAY Rope SWINGS!!!
By hiyadude on September 27, 2010

gimme new characters!!!*grabs a random woman*<u><b>or i'll waste this bitch!!
By danyc88 on September 27, 2010

You game is A W E S O M E! new characterssssssssss
By BrutViperstar24 on September 27, 2010

yea more characters and fast b4 these ppl go CRAZY!!!
By BlackCat on September 27, 2010

dude when you can please make another cool character ! you have imagination dont you?
By bradyy on September 27, 2010

more mama;s!! more milfs .. i like milfs... and i like pizza.
By NeoTStyle on September 27, 2010

Gotta love yo titles <3
By Samuel025 on September 27, 2010

i farted
By mikamo111 on September 27, 2010

By jm85200 on September 27, 2010

wanna going 2 buy dead rising 2
By macwild on September 27, 2010

By kangafet on September 27, 2010

hey can you put some kind of program that shows how many people have visited the ssite, how many people are online (guests, members) etc. im just curious because of all the server changing
By Oldpouto on September 26, 2010

I was about to ask when do you think that an update with new characters will be coming but reading the blogs made me realize that unlike me, he has a life and i'll just say: Take your time bro, I know some new characters will come soon and thank you for the game.
By mickle377 on September 26, 2010

yea he is doing the best he can you try starving yourself to make sure a bunch of fat bastards have more characters bunch of whiny sooks
By Alphabetetical on September 26, 2010

I want a dude in bandages on a stretcher
By J1MB3AN97 on September 26, 2010

I swear some people dont even read these blogs. *cough* farcry4 *cough*
By farcry4 on September 26, 2010

i'm srry for buggin but can ya focus on new characters cause we realy need some
By Jason Schymick on September 26, 2010

He's busy. Read the blogs. Characters will come in the future. He already knows you want them.
By Canned Shoes on September 26, 2010

By Fullmoon10000000 on September 26, 2010

I think there should be new Characters but other than that it's pretty pimp! I screamed during the new map thingy;D
By peacebird on September 26, 2010

Cool thanx. U rock Jim.
By Johndabest on September 26, 2010

Armydillo has it bang on. I think I'll send a donation when I have some money. Well done Jim!
By i dare u on September 26, 2010

i agree armydillo he is trying his best and everyone is asking for characters give him time...
By Armydillo on September 26, 2010

Whoever is asking for new characters shouldn't deserve to be on this site. He is trying his best to do all this, and is devoting his time to keeping the servers up and earn enough money to eat. So shut your damn mouths and be happy with what you've got. Playing this game is a privilege, not a right.
By klye256 on September 26, 2010

aghhh come on !! next update is new charaters no hosting update charater!
By mikamo111 on September 26, 2010

when does it come more characters?? i'd really need some more characters to torture... WHEN DO THEY COME?!!!!
By TNT LotLP on September 26, 2010

Damn bro, thanks on getting it running again.
By Namsan49 on September 26, 2010

By Agent on September 26, 2010

More Characters please!!!
By Awesome_Mac on September 26, 2010

i agree with alvariko69, it goes reeealy slow on my pc, and my pc is usually prety quick, overall a good game, but needs more characters !!!
By alvariko69 on September 26, 2010

Thank you. The game is very fast now
By azbruiser on September 26, 2010

excatly what i want
By Ipwnjerkfaces on September 26, 2010

By luucas_franco on September 26, 2010

i want new characters
By azbruiser on September 26, 2010

IM bored with this cause im trying to have fun but all i see there is one new map and thats it add a new person at least
By koafaloaf on September 26, 2010

thankyou! ledge
By DeathFritou on September 26, 2010

You rox guy ;)
By xujays on September 26, 2010

By jerkfacer21345 on September 26, 2010

pls tell me we can re-mount our viechles
By Johndabest on September 26, 2010

By ryan6265 on September 26, 2010

So is the update on too? The update where we can remount our vehicles?