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By Happy Wheels on September 11, 2010

Finally. Sorry about that. Now on a better server and paying a whole lot more for hosting. Oh well. As long as traffic stays ok, that will be fine. If the site still goes down, I obviously have larger problems.

As for the game, I've been working on a small update. It should be up sometime next week. I've made it easier to grab onto objects after ejecting. You will grab onto things as long as you are holding spacebar... not just the moment you press it. The fat lady and segway guy will also be able to reattach to their vehicles after ejecting. That should lead to some funny replays I hope.... jumping through the air, or falling long distances back onto your vehicle should be funny. I mean... if that is your sense of humor. These things are amusing to me.

I'm also working freelance for a 6 week project, so updates will have to be tiny like this one above until I'm out again.

Also, if you think you can replicate my style pretty well, I wouldn't mind looking into some help with illustrating new characters. Things would go a lot faster that way.
By superdeath50889 on September 09, 2015

hey how do u figure out the id
By colonel Ford on June 14, 2011

A dude on a run away dentist chair or a strectcher
By eviljoshua on September 18, 2010

how can you do it i dont now how to reattach help me plz!!!!
By Gopher101 on September 18, 2010

U should put a martian on a UFO. That would be cool.
By BRkiller on September 15, 2010

when you will put more characters?
By Havukka on September 14, 2010

By OpTic on September 14, 2010

Some Baby in a stroller!!!! YEA!>_< OpTic
By rodman658 on September 14, 2010

totaly awsome make new chareters plz
By snailpower on September 14, 2010

Please make new characters quickly 0_0
By Letsjugglemice on September 14, 2010

i love the game mate good luck. hurry up with moar characters!!
By krazek on September 14, 2010

roller-skater mom with a kid in a stroller (wheels-wheels)
By alex77145 on September 14, 2010

maybe you can try a dude with a skateboard
By ZhouCain on September 13, 2010

1) A German Doctor riding a Human Centipede 2) A mom pushing a stroller (irresponsible mom) 3) (Star Wars) Scout trooper on a speeder bike 4) Fat Harley biker guy with girlfriend/wife/boyfriend on the back. 5) Gangsta on a tricked out bike. (google "gangsta pimped bike" for pics) [u][b]But seriously. German Doctor on a Human Centipede. Has to happen.[/b][/u]
By 420 on September 13, 2010

I suggest a man-child with one of those helicopter hats to fly around ahah.
By po123 on September 13, 2010

your a gay prick
By Nark on September 13, 2010

@GirlZGetZGasmZ Those are some really great ideas you have there.
By Mista Miggins on September 13, 2010

We also need a feature that lets you comment on things.
By Aaronoob on September 13, 2010

monster truck,kid on a cycle,skateboard,bunch of klowns on a unicycle,formula,shopping cart,a guy with a bottle of light coke and mentos,
By mickle377 on September 13, 2010

sumo being pulled by a skinny Asian guy sort of like this,r:0,s:14&biw=1024&bih=578
By caleb on September 13, 2010

Hi im a poop
By karch1992 on September 12, 2010

What about rollerblades, skateboard, or razor scooter?
By Tendercrisp on September 12, 2010

Very small update requests that could likely be worked in easily. 1. Option to move decoration objects to the FRONT so they appear in front of the character. 2. Ability to adjust the opacity of objects. Two very simple features that would take level making to a whole new level of depth. Thanks for your time.
By bradycb on September 12, 2010

my idesas are a guy in a cardbord box attached to a scate bord a hilbilly in a wheel berow a crazy cat lady and incorpirate cats into it i want to see them die a guy on a unicycle and a pregnate lady in a wheell chair and when she crashes have th baby com out anging from a umbilicale cord XD
By dAnnY24 on September 12, 2010

no dont, apple sucks, put it for the android market first XD
By flatis on September 12, 2010

you should make this game for the apple store on the iphon or ipod touch :D that would be GREAT!
By bunnybacon on September 12, 2010

redneck on lawn mower. Anything involving old women and little boys. Asian guy in Tuk-Tuk Hippie/kid on Kick scooter Cop/little girl on horse (i want to see horses die!!!) Stilts
By jeffhardy101 on September 12, 2010

ok my ideas skater 4 person car low rider bike roller skater a kid on a scotter a mom and here baby with her on roller skates and pushing a buggy with a baby those are my ideas By jeffhardy101 on Sep. 11th, 2010 7:10pm unicycle go-kart Zorb (big inflatable ball you get in a go down a hill) hospital stretcher snowmobile skiis beach buggy moped forklift truck ice cream vending cart gladiator chariot horse rider bucking bull astronaut on a space buggy shopping cart lawnmower wheelbarrow i like that dudes ideas up they re yeah we REALLY need to have a CUSTOM PLAYER thing.... AND HARRY POTTER ON THE NIMBUS 2000 and you should be able to get back on the vehicle
By samsircas on September 12, 2010

A fat guy in a Harley bike.
By MemiChan on September 12, 2010

A guy riding a horse.
By hhahahahahha on September 12, 2010

make elvis!!!!
By AGlassMilk on September 12, 2010

not sure if I will be able to successfully replicate your style. But I would love to see a mountain biking chick with nice tits, and when she crashes her silicone implants are flying around. Would love to contribute. Just would need a example vector figure as fla to see how to create the movieclips and body parts.
By howardrum on September 12, 2010

crazy dude in a huge toster lol
By jimmybidz on September 12, 2010

how about you make it so everyone has there own name and you add your mates or random people and play them on a level , it will be crazy and fun
By dAnnY24 on September 12, 2010

kid on a red wagon
By __ROFLWAFFLE___3 on September 12, 2010

dude you should make a guy who is a cat and when you eject he bursts into flames
By Johnson_johnson on September 12, 2010

Hey, did you think about making the game a little like transformice? Like, wen making a map you can choose if its a multiplayer map. Then wen you connect the game you can choose to play it with other peoples, it would put you in a random room with other 9 players, then they all would race, it would change map after all are dead/finished or the time limit was over. Posting this here to see other people opinions
By Boredom on September 12, 2010

Definitely need an ATV and MX bike.
By KoEDeath on September 11, 2010

Mall cop on segway a unicycle tricycle with toddler on it a roller coaster cart with multiple people on it a 3 seater bike a scooter xD
By Ipwnjerkfaces on September 11, 2010

How bout a stripper in a penis bike?
By samsircas on September 11, 2010

What about a hobo in a shopping cart.
By Canned Shoes on September 11, 2010

SIAMESE TWINS CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By GirlZGetZGasmZ on September 11, 2010

golf cart with old man and clubs not my suggestion but a good one.
By Renstyles on September 11, 2010

I feel i could easily replicate them , let me or us know any specifics such as how you want them built, in pieces, bone tool etc. :D id be more than happy to help make some interesting players.
By Letsjugglemice on September 11, 2010

Is it sick that im ubsessed with the child and the father? make more child ones and double ones
By cooliam on September 11, 2010

i have macromedia flash 8, cause i think i could help make some people if i could give you it through flash 8
By OliKills on September 11, 2010

no you cant put walking pple remember the game is called happy "WHEELS" ;) And what about a skater thayt wouldbe great fat ornormal your choys cant wait for new carachters lol peace
By slntbob on September 11, 2010

how about a riding mower?
By ozzy554 on September 11, 2010

how bout just someone walking.
By bubbleboom on September 11, 2010

Why bikes, what about some people in cars that can [b]crash[/b] through their windscreens
By NeoTStyle on September 11, 2010

Glad to see this site up again. <3
By Imakebread on September 11, 2010

I would like a nurse with hot hot fishnets on an ambulance bike. A nerdy kid with big goofy glasses on a bicycle with lame words like Necrodragon64. A super super fat dude on one of those kiddy pink girly bikes. A baker in a bread bike. Thanks.
By chowderdude on September 11, 2010

@karch1992 just press esc and then r
By karch1992 on September 11, 2010

Or how about using "r" to reset the level instead of having to go and click on the menu and then reset. That would be awesome.
By GirlZGetZGasmZ on September 11, 2010

By brickhead119 on September 11, 2010

Check your email i gave you a few ideas for characters if you want them.