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By Happy Wheels on September 01, 2010

Happy Wheels now has some sound. If you're not seeing the new version, clear your cache and refresh.

Thanks so much to my friend Jack Zankowski for the intro song, "SuperPretzel". He's been my most musically talented friend for quite some time (other musical friends ignore this comment). Go to his site,, and tell him to make more songs for Happy Wheels.

Besides sound, other changes include (i'll be forgetting things here):

- Saving levels will work much better now. If you were logged in when you opened the game, and it remains open, it will always save unless your internet is retarded.

- Non-interactive shapes... in the editor, you can now make regular shapes that will just be treated as artwork. This way you can make signs or decorations or whatever in the background without running into them. They will also not take away from the number of physical shapes allowed (300 max). Instead you will be allowed 1000 art shapes total.

- You can now set groups to sleep. You can even group objects that don't have their own sleep property, like spikes, and set them to sleep.

- I fixed the featured levels list, so I can actually add levels in there that are made by people other than myself. I'll pick some today.

- When listing Levels and replays, only 50 load at a time. Previously I was loading upto 1000 at a time. This makes things a lot faster.

- When searching for levels by name or author, it automatically checks for all uploaded times rather than just the past week.

- When completing a level your time is displayed.

- spikes work better

I think that's about it.

I'm not entirely happy with the sound effects. For many past levels with few special objects, things sound very empty as there aren't sounds for groups and certain shapes. I'd also like to put in more character vocals for more events. It's good enough for now though, and any new changes will all have to wait as I hate working on sound.

I do have to put in a mute button... I forgot.
By PooPooHead08 on August 20, 2020

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By XBoxBadAss on September 09, 2012

I think Jim should add in a feature to add your own sound along with the new trigger.
By Dee W on February 12, 2012

its jim by the way^^^
By donkey95 on October 15, 2010

how do you clear your cashe
By EMOHITMAN94 on September 24, 2010

By xxginjixx13 on September 12, 2010

Really Awsome game!! I love racing with gore included but can you put more characters? cause I get bored sometimes using the same characters ...
By bagel123 on September 08, 2010

By alrxa on September 08, 2010

you should let people copy and paste stuff because placeing huge groups and large objects is very time consuming
By FIRE GOD on September 08, 2010

drowning in ur own blood would be pretty sweet!!!
By Rapture365 on September 08, 2010

awesome game
By George6120 on September 08, 2010

can you make a happy wheels game for the iphone and ipod touch please???
By Rafii on September 08, 2010

can you add some characters soon?
By Jim Bonacci on September 07, 2010

you are crazy... it's supposed to sound cheesy as hell. it's like a bad 80's action show intro theme. i'm guessing you weren't alive at that point
By SmashedUpTV on September 07, 2010

Lol :D Sorry to tell you but you may have to break it to your friend that 'superPretzel' is... bad?
By dAnnY24 on September 07, 2010

a new character?
By Jim Bonacci on September 06, 2010

who is this man? does he enjoy the sound update? his picture is not large enough
By Havukka on September 06, 2010

By Havukka on September 06, 2010

By Ipwnjerkfaces on September 06, 2010

If the father says damn it It sounds like Nick from left 4 dead 2 Really.
By dAnnY24 on September 05, 2010

i think he means like if you get injured you can see puddles of blood around you
By Jim Bonacci on September 04, 2010

i'd like more explosives also. i want to put in heat-seeking floating mines. multiplayer with physics is too much for me to think about doing by myself. dynamic blood?
By Chubbs on September 04, 2010

I now just wish that there was an option for the blood to be dynamic or something...
By Stepper321 on September 03, 2010

Now it needs to have multiplayer. Then it wil be the best GAME ever!
By _ on September 02, 2010

This game needs more explosives.
By Jim Bonacci on September 02, 2010

it's ok to say damn on my site
By _ on September 02, 2010

The kid seems to die right before the dad dies/gets seriously injured, Causing him to yell "**** it"
By Jim Bonacci on September 02, 2010

mute button is under options
By Ultimate7Maker on September 02, 2010

That Jim is a Heavy Weapons Guy!
By dAnnY24 on September 01, 2010

By The An_Xileel on September 01, 2010

Love the Dads vocals, "OMG!" XDD love it!
By MrBro on September 01, 2010

This is most excellent!
By MrBro on September 01, 2010

This is most excellent!
By MrBro on September 01, 2010

This is most excellent!
By Jim Bonacci on September 01, 2010

i'm excited about the art shapes as that will allow people to make some really cool detailed things.
By mrdisaster88 on September 01, 2010

yay sound, art shapes, fixed sleeping objects. splendid! Now just add a donate button plz ;)