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video ad problems?
By Jim on September 23, 2017

Hello everyone. I realize I have not made a news post in around 2 years. I think the topic here borders on a slight emergency, so I'm making this one.

Earlier this year google decided, after 7 years, that they no longer felt Happy Wheels was appropriate for their ads. It was fine all that time, but now, after zero changes to my content, it's offensive. In a very slow manner, I've made the effort to replace that revenue by using other ad networks. Flash ads no longer seem to be viable, so, as you may have noticed, I just recently added an html5 ad before Happy Wheels loads.

From my own testing I've not been able to find any bugs, however many of you have reached out to tell me they cannot play the game. If you're having issues loading Happy Wheels, please tell me what you're experiencing in the comments below. Tell me the browser you're using, the operating system, what you see, and any other pertinent information. When I first uploaded the changes, there was indeed a bug that affected 1 of my 2 front end servers which prevented the game from loading. However I fixed that on Friday morning (yesterday). I've still gotten a couple complaints though. If there's an issue, I can't fix it unless I know what it is.

Outside of that, I realize I owe everyone a very long blog post regarding the current state of what the hell I've been doing. The short version is that I'm still just working on the sequel to Happy Wheels, and I'm extremely poor at time estimates. I've been building my own game engine from scratch. Unlike the flash version of Happy Wheels, I've basically had to learn a new language and construct all of my own tools before I could even get to the creative side of things. Logically all the steps I've had to take make sense to me, but actually implementing them is absurdly time consuming. Though daunting, I do find solving each successive problem to be rewarding and educational... I just wish I could magically present everyone with what I'm working towards now rather than at some undetermined point in the future. So, I'm sorry to everyone that I can only now offer more waiting. If anyone cares, I'm doing well, I've made enough money to fund development for however long it takes, I will put in as much detail as I feel necessary, I'm currently working on the editor, I've made significant progress, and I think I will make an excellent game worthy of everyone's time. Hopefully it will become the fully featured platform I always wanted Happy Wheels to be. Blah blah blah.

*The issue should be fixed as far as I can tell. If it's not please complain in this Happy Wheels discord here: 

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By Maciek1788 on November 19, 2017

Please Jim, add new character, a martian, vehicle - UFO, space - magnet beam, can fly like a Helicopter Man, elf voice acting for martian it may be.
By cosmicwith10 on November 18, 2017

the ad wont load and im playing on google chrome ... ... ... i really wan to play it ... ... ...
By bobisdacool1 on November 18, 2017

@IAMURHUSBAND - I suggest you join the Discord server if you want to be able to promote your new stuff. I'm impressed!
By Maciek1788 on November 17, 2017

By Maciek1788 on November 17, 2017

By Maciek1788 on November 17, 2017

By Maciek1788 on November 17, 2017

By Maciek1788 on November 17, 2017

By Maciek1788 on November 17, 2017

By Pinnimajig on November 16, 2017

Level Data for One of my Ex Best Friends Levels
By Pinnimajig on November 16, 2017

<levelXML> <info v="1.87" x="298.2" y="5207.9" c="1" f="f" h="f" bg="0" bgc="16777215" e="1"/> <shapes> <sh t="0" p0="298.85" p1="5364" p2="300" p3="100" p4="0" p5="t" p6="f" p7="1" p8="4032711" p9="-1" p10="100" p11="1"/> </shapes> <specials> <sp t="16" p0="233.8" p1="5125.8" p2="0" p3="0" p4="2" p5="15" p6="1" p8="100"> <p7><![CDATA[What will you do?]]></p7> </sp> <sp t="9" p0="202" p1="7273.8"/> <sp t="9" p0="602.05" p1="7274.7"/> <sp t="9" p0="1001.95" p1="7273.8"/> </specials> <groups> <g x="319.75" y="5198.95" r="0" ox="-449.1" oy="-5195.45" s="t" f="t" o="100" im="f" fr="f"> <sp t="16" p0="336.5" p1="5184.7" p2="0" p3="0" p4="2" p5="15" p6="1" p8="100"> <p7><![CDATA[You're doing amazing, sweetie.]]></p7> </sp> </g> </groups> </levelXML>
By lolbruh11 on November 16, 2017

By Pinnimajig on November 16, 2017

@IAMURHUSBAND dont promote ur own levels on here... o.o
By flipdiving on November 15, 2017

Your site has a lot of useful information for myself. I visit regularly. Hope to have more quality items. <a href="" >flip diving</a>
By IAMURHUSBAND on November 15, 2017

Hey Kreftus are you working on a new level? I'm a big fan of your levels, I want MORE!
By Kreftus on November 14, 2017

By IAMURHUSBAND on November 14, 2017

Hey guys! This is IAMURHUSBAND. Remember me? So I just published this level I've been working on for a while. It's called WEAPON MASTER, and it is my answer to the ongoing trend of custom character levels that started with GHAIS's Starving Hobo level. In WEAPON MASTER, you can jump, boost, use various weapons and there are epic boss battles. I was hoping the Happy Wheels community would like my level, but judging from the rating it has gotten so far, it seems they don't like it so much, so that's disappointing (sad face). Anyway, please check out my new level if you have the time! And also, there's another level I'm working on which I hope I can publish in the near future, so I won't be disappearing again anytime soon.
By arturo1234567que on November 10, 2017

no se
By offtersnake on November 10, 2017

Can you make moregameson this website. Well the website can still scream out the home of happy wheels but I think it would be better if they where a verity of games. (sorry for spelling errors. My keyboard isnt to quality)
By D J A Y on November 10, 2017

@Reptox I did on my old account...I had 3 bmx levels that got lost somewhere in the mess of levels (which is why I really want Jim to work on some kind of regulatory measures for happy wheels 2) PS when I say BMX I don't mean the rubbish people make now...
By Asierrayo on November 09, 2017

I love this game!!!!! :D
By GamingWithBroYT on November 06, 2017

By Reptoxdash on November 05, 2017

tell him that in the discord matthew
By Matthew Sinclair on November 05, 2017

This peace of **** add won't let me fucking PLAY
By Reptoxdash on November 05, 2017

@ D J A Y oh i did not know that at all... thx for letting me know also do you make levels?
By D J A Y on November 05, 2017

@Reptoxdash ...people have been asling for Parkour Pimp for years now and sadly...It ain't happ'nin' Pimpin!
By Reptoxdash on November 04, 2017

hello Jim... Glad to see that you are alive... sadly you might not read this but... happy wheels is like my happy place. no... not because of the guts and death, but because its fun and entertaining. i dont find much to do in my own time except play my Xbox. (gets boring after a while) and I know that you will do great on this. yo always do seem to impress. also, i know this seems like im giving you work but PLEASE add comments to levels. also add more hazards and maybe a vehicle of a guy walking/running. i think we will get a kick out of that. Keep doing what you do and make HAPPY WHEELS 2 AMAZING
By proto1250 on November 04, 2017

By LWPeterson on November 04, 2017

Well it's good to see that you're back Killer Cheese.
By Killer Cheese on November 04, 2017

Yeah, I don't really visit this site any more. Just happened to take a look at it yesterday.
By SaltyBananaSkin on November 04, 2017

hi i have an ad when i say play now on happy wheels i am using google an dthe ad cannot be removed please fix
By angarkiki on November 04, 2017

Jim if you see this answer,please
By angarkiki on November 04, 2017

Do not have a virus
By angarkiki on November 04, 2017

What is discard?
By MrPandoBlox on November 03, 2017

i actualy dont understand. why can i not play????????????????????????????
By imafatperson on November 03, 2017

@Killer Cheese, You're superlate
By Killer Cheese on November 02, 2017

Holy shit, Jim is actually alive.
By jerkface64 on November 01, 2017

can you give us an update on Android happy wheels release? If your still working on it? Thanks
By LWPeterson on October 31, 2017

@D J A Y, I think Jason is still working on the mobile version, making new levels and stuff. I think Caroline left a long time ago as she mainly made art for some objects that were released a while back.
By D J A Y on October 30, 2017

I'd like to know what happened to Jason and Caroline. Do you have a team or are you working solo for now? Have you thought about any regulatory measures to take regarding level spam of "frow da knif,bay-bee", and other 10 second levels? Do you plan on keeping all the same characters?
By Pinnimajig on October 29, 2017

By anphu04 on October 29, 2017

@Owensmalbil Admins said that Jim is not updating anymore
By Owensmalbil on October 25, 2017

when is a new updateeee
By Lance210 on October 25, 2017

gg i downloaded adobe and still not appearing the game pls help me
By ACHIEVERjunior on October 24, 2017

Bartosz you crackhead
By testaccount420 on October 24, 2017

test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
By testaccount420 on October 24, 2017

"</div></div></div><img src='x' onerror='alert(document.cookie)'>
By disntinigaming on October 24, 2017

I can't play Hw bc first theres a loading and then a blank screen
By JeremyGamer on October 22, 2017

When is a new update for HW coming?
By yikes that hurt on October 21, 2017

The screen is just blue it will never load.
By BurgyDurgy on October 19, 2017

When i try and play it won't load it'll just be stuck and or super laggy. I need to record for my YouTube channel it's not a good video when the game is too laggy to play.
By beatablescripter on October 19, 2017

when i go in,the screen just shows an ad with a black background
By Take_A_Bullet_ForYou on October 19, 2017

@Anastazja I'm from Poland, to, but moved to Australia. @LWPeterson Mmhmm...
By LWPeterson on October 18, 2017

My, what an interesting place this has become...
By Anastazja on October 18, 2017

Hi hello Jim! I love Happy Wheels the way it was now. I do not need another more update, I do not want re characters, I like the game as it is. Personal, I do not think this game needs any things to make it glitchy/glitchier and slow. So keep working on Happy Wheels 2! I can not wait. :) Love Anastazja. P.S. All the way from Poland! P.P.S. Sorry for bad english
By NicholasChambers on October 17, 2017

No ads on mine just a button that says PLAY HAPPY WHEELS
By Pinnimajig on October 17, 2017

@Da Blood God Woah. You're putting down the guy who gave you a free game to play because you lost your plays on a virtual game that has no story line? Give up @Bert was right.
By xX_Cool_BFR_Xx on October 16, 2017

hi, somebody deleted my newest level that I just posteda few days ago (14 oct Malaysian Time) and the title for the level is 'Comic Part 1' can you please bring back my level? ; w ;
By Nanda Febian on October 16, 2017

the game was black no ads played just a pause and volume button there so I cant play
By digimatt on October 15, 2017

cool beans
By psyxologger on October 15, 2017

hey, plz add russian language in game
By Bert on October 15, 2017

@Da Blood God: I can just picture the heavy stream of sweat pouring off your face as you breathe intensely and furiously tap your keyboard on an online game website over a person you've never met. If you looked at level rules, they clearly state no realistic depictions of nudity, so your logic is flawed. Go outside and take a breather, I think you need it.
By xX_Cool_BFR_Xx on October 14, 2017

hi, somebody deleted my newest level that I just posted yesterday (14 oct Malaysian Time) and the title for the level is 'Comic Part 1' can you please bring back my level? ; w ;
By Da Blood God on October 14, 2017

@Jim Bonacci Hmm. Then shouldn't the title have been "Problems Playing Emergency"? I never said you owe ME an apology, you owe the people who relied on you and haven't even seen any support from you since 2012-2013! Douche! Oh and I didn't make rule breaking levels. The rules are making no misleading levels such as "Naked Girl Glitch" and asking to rate five for nothing. I did not say it was a glitch, I said "naked girl" and it wasn't misleading—it was a naked woman drawn from the best of my abilities and I did not ask for ratings, thus being a true Naked Girl level. Get the facts straight.
By LWPeterson on October 14, 2017

Hey Jim, thanks very much for updating us. I'm able to play Happy Wheels just fine and the sequel sounds great from what I know so far. My question is, is there new content coming for the flash version, since it hasn't been updated in about two years? Is it possible we will see the return of lost features of the website such as messages and a forum? Thanks again Jim.
By Jim Bonacci on October 14, 2017

@Da Blood God.... the emergency was that people couldn't play the game, not that my ad wasn't showing. There was no video ad for several months. Clearly that would imply that it was not an emergency. I owe everything to my community and I've expressed that in just about every post. You don't have to believe I'm working on a sequel. Even if I was spending my days staring at a wall, I'm not obligated to make anything and I certainly owe you nothing. I made a free game and updated it for several years. I've now decided to work towards building a new platform. In response you've called me names and contributed offensive, rule breaking levels. I'm the douche?
By RobynJo on October 14, 2017

First of all: Screw you, Da Blood God. Second, thanks Jim for actually giving us an update. I can't wait. <3
By Da Blood God on October 13, 2017

I will be frank with you; right now you're seeming like a really big douche. If you think that the topic of you making ad revenue is an "emergency" (line two, word two), you clearly did not give a damn when this game was dying and Happy Wheels fans were desperately trying to revive it by making complex levels and videos to save the game so that YOU could get the ad revenue. Did you ever recognize that or make an update or even said, "THANKS" to the people who tried to save this game? No. You instead come complaining that "Wah! I need ad revenue and money for this game. Hey, I didn't give a damn and never posted in two years, but let me know when you can't see an ad because I want the money! Oh by the way I don't buy that bull that you're creating a whole other game, which you've been ironically working on for the past three years. Thanks for nothing, and you sir, are an oaf.
By ShupirYT on October 13, 2017

i cant laay game because video i cant play :'( how i can play this game?
By Bushdood on October 13, 2017

the video in the front page doesn't work so i cant play the game