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Yet another minor Happy Wheels update
By Jim on October 27, 2015

After reading a couple suggestions in the last news item, one of them was actually a new idea I hadn't thought of that would be very easy to implement. Another I thought was going to be simple, but instead was much more complicated... and now I am slightly mad at myself for spending as much time as I did on the old game. Here's the changes:
  • you can now set triggers to be activated by mouse click by setting "triggered by" to 6. 
  • triggers can now trigger multiple actions per object for most objects.
  • selected items that can be double clicked into are now surrounded by blue bounding boxes. 
These are fairly straightforward, but I feel they're fairly helpful. Mouse clicking should add a lot of new funny possibilities.

Ok, I'm now going back to working on the sequel in severe, painful isolation... permanently if I can manage it.

As for mobile Happy Wheels, there are several new levels in production... we'd like to get them out for the next character as soon as possible.

**10/29/15 - fixed the inevitable new feature bugs for mouse activated triggers

**11/2/15 - fixed them again.
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By ILIEKTURTLE on January 21, 2017

When will Happy Wheels 2 come out?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
By enker0709 on January 14, 2017

By JackSepticEyeslol on January 09, 2017

By Maciek1788 on January 07, 2017

Please Jim, add new character, a martian, vehicle - UFO, space - magnet beam, can fly like a Helicopter Man, elf voice acting for martian it may be.
By Filogin_DEATH666 on December 30, 2016

i have good idea happy wheels can custom chararacters
By GwnArthur on December 29, 2016

Make an update that characters can die from falls.
By JackaboisDescendant on December 24, 2016

WASSUP WIT DAT! Ya that was a pointless comment. Tankz for the new stuff Jimmeh
By Maxisaproatthis on December 24, 2016

By oladonkgames on December 22, 2016

By 2006cristian on December 22, 2016

pls in next update make new characters it will be awesome and maybe if a level have (naked) in name it will not allow post it or will auto delete the level
By imboss36433 on December 18, 2016

i mean there is a glich were you can heart the kid
By iceman123 PlaysMC on December 16, 2016

For: Jim I would prefer to be a 3D game beacuse it would have more plays.And if it could be 3D in phones too. If you could do that;It would be good for the game,And the levels too.. And LoL i'm a ;Owner of a server in minecraft ... Server IP: Join me and my friends playing minecraft.....[Don't use hacks or console will Auto-Ban you] Thank you for reading. Bye!
By Bert on December 16, 2016

@kil billy: Because it's a terrible, generic level. Your art isn't super bad though, so use that to your advantage to make something worth playing.
By kil billy on December 16, 2016

k I uploaded a pretty good level yesterday and nobody really played it, I dont know why
By king7878 on December 14, 2016

thats cool
By Pinnimajig on December 12, 2016

Please don't make it 3d.
By iiBlueWolf on December 12, 2016

I think It should be 3d.
By ACHIEVERjunior on December 11, 2016

"Wherever you go, the moon still sets in Irithyll. Wherever you may be, Irithyll is your home."
By Killer Cheese on December 11, 2016

I gave up hope a long time ago.
By ACHIEVERjunior on December 11, 2016

Give up hope
By MCDreamer on December 10, 2016

how can you fix something that's already fixed?
By Davey Doodle Jr on December 10, 2016

Hey JimBobbyBuddy, you alive?
By santacubes on December 10, 2016

By MrLiuxGuy on December 10, 2016

By Caleb001 on December 09, 2016

do the UPDATE********************************************
By Fanccyyy on December 09, 2016

Please remove adds
By Jackaboy26 on December 09, 2016

Gr8 Upd8 M8 It Should Be R8ted :3
By mysticalT on December 09, 2016

How long will the update take?
By THEGREATLATRELL on December 09, 2016

YES!!!!!!!! Finally YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By dill_9821 on December 07, 2016

Happy wheels is dying... update the game or release Happy wheels 2 or at least tell us how its going, we have waited long enough! ( ?,_??)
By KEN CMUUIJ on December 07, 2016

By lukcroft on December 06, 2016

By jordon02 on December 04, 2016

By harveyandrada48 on December 04, 2016

By CAPTAIN WEDGEY 1967 on December 03, 2016

why is the happy wheels series only in america Canadians want to watch it too.
By BIIIIIII on December 02, 2016

there should be a throwing option where you can use your vehicle with one hand and throw things you pick up with the other
By Skezzsongz on December 02, 2016

reply this fycof
By La Faska et Speta on December 02, 2016

hellop th eblog returen later i can really type verry wel yaaa
By mohammadali45 on December 02, 2016

JIM working on happy wheels 2 and that should be happy wheels: the Series is that means no more happy wheels updates. -_-
By mohammadali45 on December 02, 2016

happy wheels the series come out finally!!! you can watch this in go90 only!! this is awesome!!
By ploffles on December 01, 2016

By skydoes12 on November 26, 2016

By ploffles on November 26, 2016

yes.. yes it does
By bobisdacool1 on November 26, 2016

Well, it's probably a good thing that the cartoon hasn't been announced anywhere because it really sucks a$$ offense
By flying jerkface on November 26, 2016

like apples
By Dunstunt on November 26, 2016

we need more food
By warcourt2 on November 26, 2016

Jim! wtf is going ?!?!?!on we need more updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Bert on November 25, 2016

@AddictiveCraft: That was me a while back. I rated them poorly because they are poorly made, rushed levels. Many of us mods give levels like that large amounts of low ratings to help users find a decent level.
By AddictiveCraft on November 25, 2016

Someone is rating 1/5 to all y pogo levels! I post today a new level and someone rate 1/5 only few hours later!!! Please help me, try my level and rate more fairly :;*(... My levels: Pogo Jump Expert, Pogo Fight Expert 1.0 and Pogo Fight Expert 2. Please help me!
By Dewey Smith on November 25, 2016

Great news oh wait I don't create happy wheels levels.
By cobycoon on November 25, 2016

By La Faska et Speta on November 24, 2016

Hi we are Faska&Speta We like to play happy wheels So here is our BLOG
By RockacrunckerDunk on November 21, 2016

Please, Jim, Come back! I'm suffering in Happy Wheels with no creative levels to play! Get us out of this existential crisis!!!! DX
By PUDPUD69 on November 20, 2016

I just want new characters and jim hasnt added one in forever!!!
By gromit0907a on November 20, 2016

I'm still sad that even his twitter hasn't been updated in over 3 months. I believe that Jim has moved on to something different in his life. I just hope that he's happy.
By Ifoundanamenow on November 20, 2016

Why aren't any moderators telling us why Jim hasn't updated this game for over a year? I mean, for a game this popular you'd expect someone to update it or something
By MarkLive13 on November 20, 2016

i love the game
By MarkLive13 on November 20, 2016

By beaubielefeld on November 19, 2016

By bobisdacool1 on November 19, 2016

The Happy Wheels animation is out...though I'm not sure whether I could call it "good"
By Killer Cheese on November 19, 2016

...a character that runs... You are aware this is called Happy Wheels, right?
By flying jerkface on November 19, 2016

make a character that runs
By Princeghost12 on November 18, 2016

By sefertorun on November 18, 2016

By iLvlCrter on November 17, 2016

By DuFuqUReadinDisFo on November 15, 2016

When is happy wheels mobile going to be available to android users?
By iLvlCrter on November 15, 2016

ohhhhh. That's where Jim was. There's a happy wheels animated series. go to go90(ninety).com, search happy wheels, and click the trailer
By iLvlCrter on November 14, 2016

Where. Is. The. New. UPDATE??? Is Jim hibernating or something?
By oopsah123 on November 14, 2016

How do you Create a Good Level of Sword throw?
By jingatron on November 14, 2016

v1.87 right?
By 0093dime on November 13, 2016

You're incredibly hilarious! Your reactions kill me every time :D (And may I say you're a handsome devil!)
By anphu04 on November 12, 2016

RIP Jim Bonacci he will never come back
By Killer Cheese on November 12, 2016

Remember when Jim was still alive? Pepperidge Farm remembers
By HaZerninjaLOL on November 11, 2016

ooh this game is mad i mad my profile thx happywheels
By HaZerninjaLOL on November 11, 2016

hi i am new at this game i am loving it is so fun and makes me so happy i play it my free time and i just made an account lol NO HATING guyz no hating.