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Minor Happy Wheels Update
By Jim on September 23, 2015

So for the sake of ourselves making some more interesting IOS levels, I made couple small changes in the flash level editor. They mostly all involve the harpoon gun:
  • Harpoon guns can now be set to a fixed angle of your choosing. The turret will only aim in one direction, and will fire as soon as a human target crosses it's cleared path. There is no path prediction when firing at the target, so the harpoon has a lower chance of being fatal. This will make it easier to have characters jump over a bunch of harpoons without causing instant death.
  • Harpoon guns can now be fired with triggers. It is also possible to set it so this is the only way the harpoon will fire.
  • Triggers can also be used to activate and deactivate the harpoon gun.
  • A little light now signals the state of the harpoon gun. Red is normal, blue is a fixed angle harpoon gun, green means it will be fired by triggers only, and black is deactivated.
  • Boost panels now have a variable power setting. They were originally set to 20, and now go from 10 to 100.
Ok, that's it!
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Can you make an embed link where we can either embed this in our websites or download the swf file? ~Thanks
By fsdhdhfghdfg on November 20, 2019

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By GregMcleod on February 12, 2019

I will rate 9/10 for the graphics in the wheel of happiness. It makes me very happy. Call the phone number 0978846716 if you are not happy with this
By Wolf_Boy1000YT on February 01, 2019

TITODANI25, i know, it wont let me play happy wheels either. it keeps saying that i need to get Adobe Flash Player, but it wont let me get it
By TITODANI25 on April 27, 2018

By wolflife101 on September 22, 2017

now i cant play :c owell
By aurinshand on September 22, 2017

By po_gamer222 on September 21, 2017

i want to play happy wheels but then a sign that says "Plays happy wheels" i click it but then it disappears help
By kpad1720 on September 09, 2017

update adobe flash really
By the_beast2 on September 07, 2017

By ddcurley on September 06, 2017

By Octavio navarro on July 31, 2017

By zekeebot on July 31, 2017

I think there should be some more characters like a monkey on swegway or hoverboard.
By zekeebot on July 31, 2017

Thanks for telling??
By devinlabelle808 on July 30, 2017

this is stupid i cant play anymore cuz it needs an update im on windows 10?!
By juanito123456789 on July 20, 2017

I can't full screen my happy wheels on my desktop? Is that a bug or is it only my computer?..
By BTheGoldenFreddy on July 20, 2017

i have a bug for fullscreen and i tried on my computer didn't work now my laptop still doesn't work please help this is a big thing for my channel.
By luckyhangman0876 on July 18, 2017

After you log in what happens next??
By CakeGirl Gamer on July 14, 2017

I can't full screen my happy wheels on my desktop? Is that a bug or is it only my computer?..
By kaleb johnson on June 23, 2017

By Cade_Man547 on June 23, 2017

Thanks this shall be so fun!!!
By iron_skittlez_5 on June 19, 2017

Ok, That's fantastic
By SwaggestHomie on June 10, 2017

add new wepons plß
By Jmekerul on June 08, 2017

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By songbirdsings on May 17, 2017

i love this game
By intiqam1 on May 17, 2017

yes game on happy wheels
By Darthmaul654 on May 14, 2017

By totaljerkface1298 on May 11, 2017

ok well we love you all and we have daily games on happy wheels
By FuzzyWuz on May 10, 2017

By wolfhoundgrey7 on May 06, 2017

By jdoug2008 on May 02, 2017

your so awesome boy dang yay.
By maicol acosta on April 29, 2017

By petulakulina1 on April 29, 2017

I'd like to play Happy wheels on Android...
By TheTrueDinoLegacy on April 15, 2017

you should add new characters cuz the old ones get kinda boring at times and there should be a thing that makes you able to be the irresponsible son, the moped girl, and the children on irresponsible mom. that way when the normal character dies the camera reverts to the children or the moped girl
By dongusmax11 on April 12, 2017

By thomasssssss on April 10, 2017

I wrote it myself
By Tmaster123 on March 21, 2017

By MojangMobz127 on March 19, 2017

hai jimmmmmmmmmm
By Fuzzyboocw on March 19, 2017

Can you make the app on Google play store
By Fuzzyboocw on March 19, 2017

By NYJFan0430 on March 16, 2017

By xNightJumper on March 11, 2017

How is everyone?
By mynigga2311 on March 09, 2017

By gabrielpon36 on March 09, 2017

By xNightJumper on March 07, 2017

Hey max
By 2124maxmargaux on March 04, 2017

By Dazedcube420 on February 22, 2017

Yo this is lit
By andrewbuston on February 21, 2017

Very helpful. Andrew Burton Travel Expert
By Maciek1788 on February 17, 2017

Please Jim, add new character, a martian, vehicle - UFO, space - magnet beam, can fly like a Helicopter Man, elf voice acting for martian it may be.
By Finn_Stevenson05 on February 13, 2017

By slothislife on February 07, 2017

OK helpful