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By Happy Wheels on November 29, 2010

So, last week with Thanksgiving and all I didn't get too much done. I'll be more effective this week.

I have to put in new sounds for the guy and girl moped characters. As far as voices go, I figure I could ask you guys for some help. Here's an example of a set of character voices that I currently use for the girl and the fat lady. If you realistically feel you can do decent voice acting (really just screams and groans), please send over your own version of those wavs in a zip to totaljerkface at This could be for future characters as well. I am aware that I will get a lot of terrible submissions, but I know some of you guys are capable.

It seems the majority of people don't want me to change irresponsible dad. I might make another version of him so there would be a choice. As for the moped character, I like how it is now (more skill oriented)... but I could see how it works if you can at least slowly lean while standing still.

We are getting used to the new server. Sean made a lot of adjustments and continues to do so. We no longer seem to have hosting problems though, so most likely any problems will end up being our fault. The way I have the mysql databases setup isn't the most efficient, so if anyone is a mysql nerd... I wouldn't mind going over some things.

Would anyone buy happy wheels t-shirts?

*if you are a dude... please do not send me sounds of you doing a female voice. also, compare with the quality of your own voice with the sounds i've provided, and if they are much much worse... do not send them to me.
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By royaltyzarah on November 11, 2012

Sorry to bug you a bit but the levels wont load, I don\'t know why but I was thinking you could tell me? Trouble is, when I use the search to find rope swing levels or something else, it loads for ages and I get sick of waiting and having to refresh my page and getting a headache puppy or an error, please fix this Jim. Thank you.
By johnypineda on August 20, 2012

make happy wheels faster
By XB360GOD999 on November 28, 2011

Everyone listen, you too, Jim Bonnaci, almost every character should have a zombie edition for members only, and some more editing. to add to the zombie idea, oyu should make their special to fix/repair a body part. thanx for your cooperation and i hope that you find this as a great idea!! XB360GOD999
By aric101 on May 09, 2011

this is random by aric101
By ewanlangridge on February 23, 2011

ideas for characters 1. a daredevil on a chopper(aka moterbike) 2. Tony hawk on a skateboard 3.a baby on a pimp up trike with nitro
By jerk off on February 23, 2011

make a skateboard character
By lenpo on February 12, 2011

seriously. if you're happy Wheels t-shirts will sell you actually become a millionaire! everyone wants to do a buy! but one question: are they also sent to the Netherlands?
By carl99 on February 06, 2011

jim, i noticed. ikinna figured that out before i even signed up!
By milkeyfreak23 on January 17, 2011

I've got a radical Idea for a character a surfer dude with waves behind him & clown running on a big ball
By kymalyk on January 15, 2011

i would not want a t shirt
By deadman levie on January 10, 2011

i would buy some
By emenim123 on January 04, 2011

thats the only games they have
By madara143 on January 04, 2011

This guy what ever the creator of this websites name is,Jim? You havent given any updates at all in about a month it says. Dude happywheels is fun but you really suck as a website leader you dont give any updates at all and you are slow to creating characters i uderstand you have your own family and all that but at least, at least leave weekly updates! Noone can ask me "why dont you make a website and see if its easy." the reason is because i didnt take the reasoniblilty of creating a website but jim did. just my opinion good job on making the game.
By boggle101 on January 04, 2011

yayz for the harpoon update! its awesome! thanks jim!
By roboman586 on January 04, 2011

i think you should take segway guy and take the segway off and give him roller skates, oh and i have a question, if you download this game do you get more charctars thaks answer me by message
By heavymetal on January 04, 2011

omg hes died,2 months and we see no changes
By CurseofCJ on January 04, 2011

I have been clicking here for every day of the last month hoping for an update. Are you dead, Jim?
By pauldrengaytano on January 02, 2011

how about a jim character :D it would be great oh by the way where is the t shirt come from
By goarmy894 on January 02, 2011

Hey you know what would be cool?! An update! holy crap what a concept >.>
By Oberits64 on January 02, 2011

By shaneshane on January 02, 2011

idea for characters 1 santa sleigh 2 guy in the mini car 3 kid scooter? 4 urslelf skatebording? 5 this is random but baby fartin the whole way
By lolpwnage221 on January 01, 2011

I agree with Doctor Matt, but not only x-box, but the PlayStation Network as well. If you get any money from putting it on any network, you would double it.
By 2karoke2 on January 01, 2011

Jim Bonacci is NOT DEAD!! Havnt you saw that he made some christmas face on the top of the website? Well then now look at them... THEY ARE BACK TO NORMAL!!
By phantom_in_the_shadow on January 01, 2011

By Frogmander on January 01, 2011

Ok I have come to the conclusion that after like just about 2 months and people asking for updates atleast saying he isnt dead either A. He forgot about us and left us for dead. or B. He dead. I hope not though because I want mah characters :(
By HAHA13131313 on December 31, 2010

There should be a charactor of a girl on roller blades walking a dog, and a medic pushing someone on a streacher
By flamingmonkies2 on December 31, 2010

I would buy the shirt in a heart beat. Plus with the money you'll make from t-shirts you could work more on the gameand make it the best in the world!
By radster deluxe on December 31, 2010

when is the update coming ?!?
By sponpi999 on December 30, 2010

lol 1970 he last posted, yeah well it sure feels like it
By jusin626 on December 30, 2010

i would buy a shirt buy i have no money on the computer
By PhysX on December 30, 2010

@jt is cool Exactly, but now its ruined.
By jt is cool on December 30, 2010

mabye it's all part of a plan to make 1/3 the people stop playing happy wheels so the server is faster for the people that still play it. hmmmmm
By xGMANx12 on December 30, 2010

I would do it ------ thats what she said
By stoney223 on December 30, 2010

you should make the arms on segway guy out of steel so that he is stronger and cant lose his arms as easily, you could also make the irrisponsible dad without kid/moped guy without chick have the harpoon ur making
By donkey52 on December 30, 2010

Dude i wud totally buy a t shirt of happy wheels i sugest doing a shirt on each character!!!!!!!!!!!
By Oldpouto on December 29, 2010

Just give us a sing of life! We're lost without you! And all of those who always ask for more, see what happens when you harass people?
By nick56 on December 29, 2010

can you at least upgrade something?
By Spartan 3099 Warrior on December 29, 2010

By Cod master123 on December 29, 2010

By FyourRELIGION on December 28, 2010

wtf...update something you stupid piece of shit
By sandwichassassin on December 28, 2010

is there any way you could make happy wheels a downloadable game i can play wihout teh interwebs?
By Halorran on December 28, 2010

xbox live marketplace
By FyourRELIGION on December 28, 2010

@PumaSew: Obviously, it would be horrible if a grown man had such atrocious spelling and grammar skills. And Jim, post SOMETHING already.
By PumaSew on December 28, 2010

Cheez man: Nice try but i think you are the one that's 8 years old and soon 9. You don't need to be a fucking Rocket scientist to figure that out
By Jardog00 on December 27, 2010

By Himmanos on December 27, 2010

By dAnnY24 on December 27, 2010

i like it when they die.
By FyourRELIGION on December 26, 2010

I keep trying to leave this game, because of outrage of the lack of updates, or you saying "hey I'm not dead, I just don't care about this crap anymore" or something....but its such a good game....
By cheez man on December 26, 2010

i would defanentle buy a happy wheeals t-shrit i would love one and my kid loves to play he's 8 almost 9 could you make one his size plz he's skiny and sorta tall plz make one for him and put it in stors and allso make theam for kid's too i know a few that would love theam!!! (p.s i know my son souldent be playing theaz kind of games oh well)
By Kackstelze141 on December 26, 2010

An Happy Wheels app for my iPod touch 4G would be really cool! What do you think about that?
By Joe Peak on December 25, 2010

eh..... a happy wheels t shirt is kinda ridiculous. its a computer game, no offense. its a great game...... but 9 tenths of the world doesnt even know what it is,. But jim.... do make t shirts. do u no how much money u can make off of them? i dunno, maybe 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 now thats bill gates style. ha.
By JesusRamirez44 on December 25, 2010

By FyourRELIGION on December 25, 2010

Hey im that one guy :D
By Artavios on December 25, 2010

Hey you guys are retarded! He updated his guy on the top right with a santa costume. How does that make him dead? Isn't that proof enough that he's NOT dead. I'm annoyed that he abandoned us too but whining is only going to annoy people. And Jim, that one guy is right, 4 weeks and no blog post or ANYTHING is going to lose alot of people
By menadabomb on December 25, 2010

fucking make somthing already its been four weeks come on
By music on December 25, 2010

what r u ppl talkin about
By Tosh1998 on December 25, 2010

By Alphabetetical on December 25, 2010

I stopped playing. The moped couple blows, and there's nothing new going on.
By Templar691 on December 25, 2010

jim isn't dead. he's just living impared
By FyourRELIGION on December 24, 2010

well...its been four fucking weeks. im out, bitch.
By hordurbreki on December 24, 2010

merry christmas
By Tosh1998 on December 24, 2010

By darilhowell on December 24, 2010

HURRY THE FUCK UP AND MAKE SOMETHING NEW!!!! i want new level editing items. it would help us enjoy all the characters again
By gully boo on December 23, 2010

hi i thought the new character could be a madman in a shopping cart it would be soooo funny!maybe you could put boosters on the side thanks:)
By Oldpouto on December 23, 2010

He started playing WoW that what happened. It's one of the 2 possible explanations. The other one is that he's dead